First Course in Group Theory

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Year of Publication : 2021

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About The Book

This book is written for undergraduate students of Mathematics studying Abstract Algebra and covers the syllabus of most of the Indian Universities related to "Group Theory" which is being taught at this level. Since Abstract Algebra is based on the properties of binary operations, first chapter is dedicated to the concept of binary operations and the introduction of different algebraic structures. Second chapter is written explicitly for giving brief history of the topic. Last chapter is given for exclusiveness of the topic.

Proofs of all the theorems are discussed in details and maximum problems are solved at the end of each chapter.


Contents -

1. Algebraic Structures
2. History of Group Theory
3. Groups : Definition and Properties
4. Subgroups
5. Cyclic Groups and Subgroups
6. Lagrange's Theorem, Group Homomorphism
7. Normal Subgroups
8. Sylow Theorems and Solvable Groups

About The Author

Dr. Dattatraya Parhad has done M.Sc. in Mathematics in 1992 and Ph.D. in 2009. He has been teaching Mathematics for more than 25 years and teaching Abstract Algebra to undergraduate students for more than 12 years. He is presently working with a reputed institute in Mumbai which is affiliated to University of Mumbai.

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