Services Marketing

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2019

No. Of Pages : 324

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About The Book

This book recognizing the growing importance of services and the unique challenges faced by service managers. The problems of Service marketing are more complex, the service product is more difficult to design and introducing marketing orientation into a firm dominated by operations is yet another forceful task. We all live in a service world, this book therefore is dedicated exclusively to the issues of marketing services.


Contents :

1. Services Marketing
2. Classification of Services
3. Service Marketing Management
4. Strategic Planning
5. Managing Demand and Supply
6. Consumers in Service Industry
7. Service Marketing Mix
8. Service Product
9. Pricing in Services
10. Service Promotion
11. Place in Service
12. People in Service
13. Service Process
14. Physical Evidence
15. Organising for Service Marketing
16. Marketing Strategy in Services
17. Managing Service Quality
18. Managing Service Competition
19. Globalisation of Service
20. Marketing of Services

About The Author

Vasanti Venugopal -

M.Com., M.Phil., Reader,

Department of Business Studies,

Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

V.N. Raghu -

M.Com, Reader,

Department of Business Studies,

Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

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