Basic Accounting (Sem 4, Mangalore Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5433-791-8

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2021

No. Of Pages : 220

Book Weight :234

About The Book

We have great pleasure in presenting the first edition "Basic Accounting" written for students of UG courses. The subject matter is written in a simple and easily understandable language with sufficient support from real Basic Accounting information.

The language of the book is simple and the coverage of various unit is exhaustive with examples. This work is prepared as a basic material for the learners to know fully about Basic Accounting. We have tried to make the book very useful for the students but still we will thankfully solicit and incorporate the suggestions of our readers. This title "Basic Accounting" provides them an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to meet the challenges.


Contents -

1. Nature of Accounting
2. Accounting Process and Preparation of Trial balance
3. Preparation of three Column Cash Book
4. Preparation of Final Accounts of Sole Trader
    Solved Model Question papers
    Last Minute Revision (LMR)

About The Author

Dr. Praveen Kumar K.C
M.Com, LLB, M.Phil, Ph.D,
Associate Prof.& Head, Department of Commerce ,
Besant Womens College, Mangaluru.

Dr. Rakesh T.S.
M.Com., KSET, Ph.D,
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce,
SDM College, Ujire (Autonomus)

Mr. M. Ananth Pai, B.Ed ,
Lecturer in Commerce and Management ,
Sir Bhuvanendra College ,Karkala, Udupi District.

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