Operations Management

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

In the 21st century, operations managers who are responsible for producing and delivering the goods and services we use everyday, face a wide variety of challenges. The current business environment has become highly competitive because of globalization of the world economies together with the growth in e-commerce. This has resulted in a shift in the balance of power from the producers to the consumers who are now demanding increased for their money. This means firm must provide high quality products on a continuous basic with shorter delivery times and better customer service while simultaneously reducing labour and material costs. Operations managers must strive to increase utilization of existing facilities and achieve higher productivity to sustain competition, and enable their organizations to survive and grow in their business. Operations Management has a major role to play in the financial success and profitability of an enterprise engaged in producing tangible goods of offering services to its customers.


Contents :

Chapter 1: Operations Management-An Overview
Chapter 2: Operations Strategy
Chapter 3: Demand Forecasting
Chapter 4: Design of Production / Operations Systems
Chapter 5: Capacity Planning
Chapter 6: Facility Location and Layout
Chapter 7: Design of Work Systems
Chapter 8: Aggregate Production Planning
Chapter 9: Operations Planning and Control
Chapter 10: Resource Requirement Planning
Chapter 11: Scheduling of Operations
Chapter 12: Purchasing and Supply Management
Chapter 13: Inventory Management
Chapter 14: Quality Control
Chapter 15: Introduction to Total Quality Management
Chapter 16: Principles and Philosophies of Quality Management
Chapter 17: Tools for Process Management
Chapter 18: Managing for Quality and High Performance

About The Author

K. Shridhara Bhat, a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with postgraduate diploma in Industrial Management and Master`s degree in Business Administration is currently engaged in part-time teaching as a visiting professor and consultancy in the field of management education and industry.

Earlier, he worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Management Studies, East Point College of Engineering and Technology and BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore during the period of 1994 to 2005.

Before taking up teaching profession, he served Bharat Electronics for a period of about 26 years in the areas of Production and Operations Management, Materials Management, Research and Development, Human Resource Management, etc.

He has authored books in subjects such as – Production and Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Materials Management, Inventory Management, Business Process Reengineering, Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques, Management and Behavioural Processes, World-class Manufacturing, Logistics Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc.

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