Principles of Management

ISBN Number : 978-93-5367-479-3

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2019

No. Of Pages : 100

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About The Book

Principal of Management is a comprehensive, syllabi-oriented text book that has been developed especially for the students of Hotel Management. The book has been developed keeping in mind the fact that there are no comprehensive notes available for Principles of Management (New Syllabus for Hospitality studies, Second Year and BHMCT, Third Year).

The book is specially designed to meet the needs of student in undergraduate course in Hotel Management.The concepts are presented in easy language for the understanding of the students. All the topics included in the syllabus are covered in the book.

We hope this book will be useful to Hospitality students to understand the basic concepts of Principles of Management.


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Management Thought: A Journey Since Inception
3. Planning
4. Organizing and Staffing
5. Leadership
6. Motivation
7. Communication
8. Co-ordination
9. Controlling

About The Author

Dr. Rasika Gumaste -

Associate Professor



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