Fundamentals of Labour Economics

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Year of Publication : 2021

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About The Book

The book "Fundamentals of Labour Economics" is very important for the students of Labour Economics, and broadly, the learners in the field of labour studies. It helps to understand the fundamental concepts relating to labour market, wage analysis, labour productivity, employment and unemployment, social security, labour problems, trade unions, industrial relations, various segments of unorganized workers, etc. This book seeks to provide a comprehensive coverage of various topics which will help to enrich their knowledge and understanding about Labour Economics as a subject. In many universities, there is a separate subject at the graduation and post-graduation levels like B.A., B.Com., M.A., M.Com., BBA, BMS, M.L.S., MBA, MMS and other P.G. courses. This book is designed mainly for the students pursuing the above programmes. This book is divided into 22 chapters, covering most of the topics included in the syllabus of Labour Economics at UG and PG level in various universities. For the better conceptual understanding, the basic concepts are supported by the sufficient illustrations wherever necessary. Therefore, this book is a valuable source for all those concerned with this subject, and the student community will make maximum use of chapters discussed in it and enrich their knowledge for the future career growth and development.


Contents -

1. An Introduction to Labour Economics
2. Labour Market Analysis
3. Wage Structure and Wage Differentials
4. National Wage Policy in India
5. Social Security Suytem in India
6. Compilation of Consumer Price Index Number
7. Labour Productivity
8. Labour Policy in India
9. Industrial Dispute and Dispute Resolution
10. Collective Bargaining
11. The ILO and India
12. Employment and Unemployment
13. Labour Mobility and Migration
14. Employee Absenteeism
15. Labour Turnover
16. Trade Unionism in India
17. Industrial Relations in India
18. Contract Labour in India
19. Construction Workers in India
20. Child Labour in India
21. Women Labour in India
22. Domestic Workers in India

About The Author

Dr. P.M. Kadukar is presently working as Deputy Director, Regional Labour Institute Branch of Late Narayan Meghaji Lokhande Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies (Government of Maharashtra), Mumbai. He is also holding the additional charge of Professor, Labour Economics and Registrar of the Institute.

He has a post-graduate degree in Economics and Sociology and Ph.D. degree in the domain of Labour Economics. He has about 18 years of experience in teaching, research and training in Labour Studies. He is a recognized Ph.D. Guide and Member of the Board of Studies in the subject of Labour Studies by the University of Mumbai. He has more than 30 research papers published in the state and national level journals and papers presented in conferences and seminars.

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