Communication Skills in English Paper I (Sem 1, Mumbai Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5495-458-0

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2021

No. Of Pages : 100

About The Book

We are indeed very happy to present a copy of F.Y.B.A. Communication Skills in English, Semester 1 textbook as per the new syllabus designed by University of Mumbai to be implemented from the year 2021-22. The syllabus of F.Y.B.A. Communication Skills in English has been revised considering the needs of time. The globalization has brought the world closer. English language has become the world language. Mastering all the skills of the English language has become necessary in today's competitive world.

The main objective of the syllabus is to improve overall communication skills of the learners, i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English language. The learners should be confident in using English language on various occasions. To fulfill the requirements of the syllabus, the book focuses on the functional aspects of English language. The unit one explains the theoretical background of English as an international language and link language with varieties at international level. Rest units are for the practical implementations of four skills. All four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing – are given equal weightages and various exercises are given for the practice of these skills. Students should also note that the new pattern of evaluation will be 80 : 20.

As this book deals with functional aspects of communication skills, plenty of exercises are given to improve oral skills of dialogue, conversations and public speaking. Various passages are given for applying reading skills. Listening skills exercises mentioned in the book are meaningful and easily accessible as they are part of one's daily life. In the writing skills, emphasis is given on learning to write formal letters and e-mails. E-mail etiquettes are also included for the learner's knowledge. At the end of the book, two question papers are added for learners to have enough practice.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Communication Skills
2. Developing Comprehension Skills in English
3. Speaking Skills in English
4. Formal Writing Skills
Model Question Papers

About The Author

Dr. (Mrs.) Arundhati Mahesh Barde - is an Assistant Professor and Head, Department of English, Sonopant Dandekar Arts, V.S. Apte Science and M.H. Mehta Commerce College, Palghar.

Mrs. Pranita Ganesh Kamath - is an Assistant Professor, Department of Business Communication, SKMs J.M. Patel College of Commerce, Goregaon (West), Mumbai.

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