Good Practices in Sales and Marketing

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Year of Publication : 2021

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About The Book

This handbook is unique because the contents have not been referred from any management books, but it mirrors the practical experience of the writer/author. It narrates the tried and tested methods of the author who has a rich experience in the hard core sales and marketing functions.

The book revolves around the fundamentals of sales and marketing. The key functions have been explained. The importance of developing and implementing system have been emphasised so that the function becomes system-driven. The main hero of the sales and marketing function is the customer. It is described as to how function could become customer-centric. A few case studies and success stories which are real-life examples have been provided at the end. Values and virtues of salesman have been propagated. The idea is to share the good practices in sales and marketing function so that the team becomes vibrant. Systems and solutions have been provided so that it can be used as a handbook and can be adopted in the day-to-day sales and marketing function. The contents are not just a theory or rhetoric but are the learnings in along career in the sales and marketing functions of large corporate.

The book starts with basics, i.e., sales and receivables management. They are the heartthrob and crux of the sales and marketing functions. How prices of the products are determined have been explained in detail. The entire book contains the virtues of the salesman and the importance of being customer centric has been echoed throughout the book. Systems and practices followed by the functions have been elaborated. A separate chapter on branding and leadership has also been provided. International marketing or export has been covered that forms an integral part of the sales and marketing functions. At the end, case studies or success stories have also been provided so that the readers can get an idea to confront sales challenges. The lessons the Salesforce can learn from Sunderkand is also outlined.

It can serve as a handbook for new entrants in the sales and marketing functions. It can be used as a tool to develop systems that can be aligned with the nature of the functions. It is different from any management book and can be related in day-to-day functions, irrespective of the product dealt. It can also be supplementary reading to the management students and to those who want to broadly understand the sales and marketing functions.


Contents -

1. Sales and Receivable Management
2. Cost Sheet and Pricing
3. What Makes a Good Salesman
4. Product Knowledge
5. Government Tenders / Institutional Sales
6. Steps to Accelerate Sales Growth
7. Think Out of The Box
8. Review Meetings - Positive Strides
9. Production Planning and Sale Targets
10. Role of Finance Department in Sales & Marketing Functions
11. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
12. Crisis Management and Planning
13. Branding and Brand Loyalty
14. Be a Leader Instead of a Follower
15. Systems and Practices
16. International Marketing / Exports
17. Challenges Converted into Opportunities - Case Studies
18. What the EPCI Teaches Us - Management Lessons from the Sundarkand
19. Some Useful Tips
20. Take Always
21. Let Us Remember

About The Author

N. Ramjee
He has studied literature from Delhi University and has exposure in journalism.He had worked as Editorial Coordinator in an International NGO and also in bringing out in- house publications. In addition to this. He has also attended several managerial development programmes and learning sessions conducted by the corporate. He has also represented his company in the programmes organised by Government department/agencies like Ministry of Commerce, DGFT, FICCI, FIEO, ECGC and B2B meetings arranged by the Indian High Commission abroad.
He has a rich experience in the Sales and marketing functions. He has served in the Management Cadre of a large corporate for over three decades and has also independently handled International Marketing.

He was core member of the Integrated Management System in the company where he served . He has coauthored Sales Manual, Quality Policy of the Company., etc . He has won several accolades for creating new benchmarks in sales an innovation in logistics.

He has toured extensively in India and abroad. He has also organised and participated in overseas seminars and exhibitions. He has mentored management students, trainees and new entrants in the sales and marketing functions in the corporate.

He has written several articles about historical/religious places in India. He leisure time activity is listening to motivational lectures and reading articles on spirituality and temples.

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