English Pedagogy- Purpose and Perspective

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Year of Publication : 2020

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About The Book

Every subject has its own unique purpose and outcome. Language acquisition and language learning are two different aspects to be considered in language instruction. The book focuses on the purpose of language instruction as well as the various perspective that provide deeper understanding of language. The take of the Indian government policies on the significance of English in the curriculum and the usefulness of the language to the holistic development of the learner are included in the book. The book provides insight into the psychological perspective of language instruction as well a provides the principles on which the teaching and learning of the language ought to take place. It encompasses the various socio- cultural perspective of language development and language acquisition in a multilingual and multicultural context of India.

The book throws light on the challenges faced by language teachers as well as the need and measures for developing professional competence of English teacher. Language instruction necessitates the use of teaching learning resources. While the teaching aids and resources used in the earlier times are useful even today, the world over has moved on to using technology enhanced resources. The book highlights the ways to harness all these resources to provide meaningful, purposeful and contemporary language pedagogies. It also includes the ways in which different forms of social media can be harnessed for language instruction. Library as an ever significant resources for language development also finds its place in the book. The contents of the book make it a very relevant textbook as well as reference book for the syllabus of English Pedagogy.


Contents -

1. Scope of English
2. Role of Language in the Life a Learner (Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Cultural Development)
3. Importance of English in a Multilingual Society
4. Place of English in the Curriculum
5. Factors Affecting Language Learning (Physiological, Psychological and Social)
6. Psychological Bases of Language Learning
7. Principles of Teaching a Language: Maxims and Correlation
8. Nature of Language
9. Language Register
10. Society and Language
11. Multicultural Sensitivity for Language Learning
12. Multiculturalism and Language - Pedagogies and Approaches
13. Language and School
14. Challenges of Teaching Language to Diverse Learners
15. Resources for Language Learning
16. Professional Preparedness of Language Teachers

About The Author

Dr. Geeta S. Shetty (Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Ed., M.A., B.Sc., PGDME, PGDHRM) is an Associate Professor at St. Xaviers Institute of Education, an eminent college of teacher education in Mumbai with twenty seven long years of experience in the field of teacher formation. She has contributed immensely to the field of education and has inspired many young and aspiring teachers. She is invited as an expert for faculty development programmes by leading professional institutions. She has trained many pre services and in service teachers in contemprory pedagoies. The author has conducted many research studies on modern approaches of teaching including technology enhanced instruction. The author has kept herself abreast with the latest trends in English pedagogy through courses conducted by University of Maryland and Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She has studied problem based Learning and Metacognition extensively and has shared her thoughts in her books Problem Based Learning for Metacognition and Human Resource Development. She has also donned eminent positions in various University committees and has contributed significantly to policy decisions. The author is recipient of the National Eminent Teacher Educator Award conferred by the Indian Association of Teacher Educators and Jamunabai Govindji Madhavji Award for Ph.D. Degree in Education conferred by the SNDT University.

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