Modern Human Resource Management (Text and Cases)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

Human resource is the most important resource. It is to be managed properly. The present business environment is turbulent. It is undergoing drastic changes. There is uncertainty and risk everywhere. Over and above due to liberalisation and globalisation, tough competition is being faced in every sector in India and abroad. To understand the changing business environment and carry-out the business effectively and efficiently are very difficult. The critical need of talented manpower has been felt. Further, the human resource is again needed to be managed properly to get the best performance of them. Keeping in view, the critical needs, the new chapters have been added to the first edition to tune it to the present requirement. Sincere efforts have been made to create awareness among all concerned regarding emerging trends and practices in HRM. The new edition of the book will include:

Part - 1: Human Resource Management
Part - 2: Human Resource Development
Part - 3: Compensation of Human Resource
Part - 4: Maintenance of Human Resource
Part - 5: Human Relations
Part - 6: Industrial Relations
Part - 7: Future and HRM.

This edition covers 42 chapters under 7 parts. The present edition has the following reliant features:

1. Integrated approach and comprehensive explanation.
2. All topics of the earlier editions have been reviewed and updated.
3. The sequence of the chapter is arranged in a proper logical order to provide proper link to the topics.
4. It includes the text and the case study both solved and unsolved types to improve theoretical and practical knowledge of the readers.
5. Value addition to the students undergoing different courses.

Sincere efforts have been put to bring this second edition. On the demand of the students, academicians and practitioners the topics have been revised; updated and new topics have been added. Now it is the humble request to all readers to bring the discrepancies to our notice at the earliest. Suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated by authors.


Contents :

Part - I: Human Resource Management
1. Human Resource Management
2. Environment and HRM
Part - II: Human Resource Development
3. Human Resource Planning
4. Job Analysis and Job Design
5. Recruitment, Selection and Placement
6. Training
7. Management Development
8. Human Resource Development
9. Performance Management
Part – III: Compensation of Human Resource
10. Performance Appraisal
11. Performance Appraisal Process and Methods
12. Job evaluation
13. Wages and Salary Administration
14. Incentive Payment System
Part – IV: Maintenance of Human Resource
15. Benefits and Services for Employees
16. Promotion
17. Transfers and Separations
18. Labour Welfare and Social Security
19. Health and Safety
Part – V: Human Relations
20. Human Resource Accounting and Audit
21. Group and Group Dyanmics
  22. Motivation of Employees
23. leadership
24. Communication
Part – VI: Industrial Relations
25. Discipline and Grievance Management
26. Industrial Relations
27. Industrial Relations
28. Trade Unions
29. Workers’ Participation in Management
30. Collective Bargaining
31. Labour Legislations
32. Employees Counselling and Well-being
33. Employees or Labour Productivity
Part – VII: Future and HRM
34. Globalisation and Strategic HRM
35. Quality of Work Life and Stress Management
36. Knowledge Management and HRD
37. Gandhian Philosophy and Human Resource Management
38. Human Resource Development and Diversity
39. Organisational Changes and Development
40. Case Studies – 1 (Solved)
41. Case Studies – 2 (Unsolved)
42. Bibliography

About The Author

Dr. R.K. Balyan is BE, MBA, MPM, M.A., L.L.B. and Ph.D. He pursued his education in the field of Engineering, Management, Arts and Law from different universities across India. Finally, he completed his Doctorate degree in Human Resource Development from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. At present, he is working Director and Dean at Institute of Business Management & Research, Ahmedabad. He is also President of National HRD Network, Ahmedabad chapter since 2009. He is a professional member of All India Management Association, New Delhi.

He started his career in defence services and further worked in IT industry for four years as a zonal head and later on changed over to education field. He is having vast experience in the field of telecommunication and commercial activities. During his jobs in defence and IT industry, he was a regular visiting faculty and guest speaker to the management institutes. He has total 37 years of experience to his credit and 25 years exclusively in teaching. He is having vast experience in administration, teaching and research field. He has been corporate trainers for the leading companies in past.

His areas of specialization are Marketing, Human Resource Management, Production and Operations Management, Business Laws and Labor Laws. He has presented 40 papers in national and international seminars. He authored 3 books in the field of management. He has guided nearly more than 100 students for research projects under various universities. He is working as an External Referee for Ph.D. and M.Phil. and examined nearly 30 students under different universities.

Mrs. Suman Balyan completed her school education from CBSE, graduation (B.Sc.) from MKP PG College, Dehradun, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, J & K, and Master of Business Administration from Bangalore University, Bangalore (Karnataka). She is having bright academic background. After her post-graduation, she served in leading companies at Bangalore and New Delhi. She worked as Human Resource Manager in corporate sector. She fulfilled her assignment very successfully. She fulfilled her responsibility in areas of recruitment and selection, administration of HR department, grievance handling, salary etc. She is a visiting faculty to various management institutes. Along with her busy schedule on job, She gave her very valuable time in giving her ideas in preparation of books in areas of Human Resource Management, HRD and Performance Management. Her contribution is highly appreciable and hopes that she would be in position to give her fruitful contribution in future also. She is young and energetic scholar and having bright career in future. She has total 4 years of working experience in industry and education.

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