Intelligence, Creativity and Giftedness: An Indian Perspective

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

The main aim of the book is to widen the understanding of concepts of intelligence, creativity and giftedness through Indian perspective, as well as presenting an overview of various efforts for identifying and nurturing talents. This book tries to present unique, complete picture of a true integrated nature of these concepts as well as their development.

The book covers a large canvas right from ancient Indian Vedic literature and sciences, literature by saints to modern western theories related to these concepts. Overview of history of changing concepts of intelligence, creativity and giftedness in the West and the way these are coming closer to ancient Indian view is presented. A unique original theory of giftedness is also proposed in this line. This theory has its origins in evolutionary biology and marks confluence of eastern and western approaches. It conceptualized giftedness as potential for advance development. Behavioural indicators of this development are also mentioned to make the understanding easier and clearer.

The overall approach of this book is wide, holistic and developmental. According to ancient Indian approach, intelligence, giftedness and creativity encompass broader meaning to include cognitive, social, emotional, moral, ethical and spiritual dimensions. And also, constructive contribution to the society is assumed in these concepts. The concepts put forth in this book are universally applicable, beyond boundaries of any country or culture as these are considered axiomatic principles of life.

An elaborate case study of an Institute is presented to make application of this approach more clear. The kind of backup that is needed to systematically nurture giftedness is evident from the expanse of activities, knowledge and research that Institute has raised. The output of this educational system with holistic approach is presented in the form of collective contributions to the society from the alumni of this Institute. With this background, an overview of present status related to assessment, identification and nurturance of abilities in our country is presented. Some initiatives by government and non-governmental agencies, critical reviews of some renowned institutes claiming the nurturance of giftedness are also given to make our stand clearer. This indicates increasing awareness regarding talents in society as well as at governmental level.

Many challenges in identifying and nurturing talents are discussed. The book emphasizes that these three concepts, viz., intelligence, creativity and giftedness have to be understood beyond quantitative measurement and thus psychometric methods making justice to validity of assessing multiple abilities, wisdom, creativity and giftedness involving intuitive thinking and subjective experience are to be evolved. The need for making social, political and cultural environments congenial for this is emphasized. And for that, interdisciplinary research is recommended. At the same time, need to increase parental sensitivity, awareness, acceptance of abilities of their children and their readiness to take efforts for their enhancement has to be attended.

In short, this book tries to present broad, holistic, comprehensive concepts of intelligence, giftedness and creativity from Indian perspective along with their application.


Contents -

Section I
1. Introduction
2. Ancient Indian View of "Buddhi"
3. Buddhi and Giftedness as Conceptualised by Saint Samarth Ramdas
4. Creativity and Evolutionary View of Giftedness
5. Giftedness as a Potential for Advance Development
Section II
6. Cleaning the Mess: Current Scenario
7. Where Do We Stand?
8. Special Educational Institutes
9. Jnana Prabodhini as a Step in Gifted Education
10. Beyond Schooling and Formal Education

About The Author

Prof. Usha Khire, M.A., Ph.D. (Creativity in Relation to Intelligence and Personality Factors) is an accomplished Researcher in Psychology for more than fifty years. Prof. Khire has been closely associated with Pune-based Jnana Prabodhini which runs a school for students with high intelligence. Prof. Khire is a Life Member of JP, the pioneering organization engaged in education of gifted children.

Prof. Khire is a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar (1990). Prof. Khire worked as National Supervisory Psychologist at MENSA INDIA till 2012. Prof. Khire is known as competent authority for understanding and measuring human abilities/mental abilities. Prof. Khire has addressed several national and international conferences as invited expert speaker. Prof. Khire has directed and participated in the project of construction of intelligence tests based on Guilford’s SOI model covering 120 factors. Her work received appreciation from Dr. Guilford himself and Dr. M.K. Raina from NCERT.

Prof. Khire has directed construction of test batteries covering wide age range from early childhood to adulthood including international collaboration. Prof. Khire has also devised programmes for enhancing abilities.

Prof. Khire has introduced unique tests for assessing creativity and social intelligence, tests suitable for rural children and across various age groups.

Prof. Khire is Trustee and former Secretary, Jnana Prabodhini Samshodhan Sanstha. Prof. Khire is Founder and former Director of Jnana Prabodhinis Institute of Psychology. Prof. Khire has authored and presented research papers and articles on national and international forum. Prof. Khire has authored various chapters in the books of renowned national and international publications. Prof. Khire has received Lifetime Achievement Award by Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Values and Thoughts (GIF – Singapore) (2010).

Dhanashree Sowani, after completing Masters in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology, for first few years, was into counselling practice. Prof. Sowani has more than ten years of teaching experience in different institutes as well as worked as designer, trainer and facilitator for counselling courses.

Currently, Prof. Sowani is pursuing her Doctorate in the Psychology from Savitribai Phule Pune University. The topic of her research is related to well-being of intelligent students.

Prof. Sowani is presently working as Head, Academic section at Jnana Prabodhinis Institute of Psychology, Pune, Maharashtra, India and teaching Psychology of Human Abilities to post-graduate courses.

Prof. Sowani was an active participant in research projects conducted by several NGOs on topics broadly related to mental health. As an alumni of Jnana Prabodhini school for gifted children, Prof. Sowani herself has gone through gifted education programmes.

Prof. Sowani has co-authored textbook for B.A. (Psychology) for Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (2001).

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