A Text Book on Value Education

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

New Education Policy, 2020 emphasizes on Value Education (Human making education) based on our ancient cultural heritage. It also stresses on innovative pedagogy of self-exploration and self-validation based sustainable commitment of individual to practice chosen values at free will. The objective is to develop self-conscious, self-controlled citizens and professionals. The present book aims at catering the need arising from New Education Policy. It will be universally and eternally useful for students of undergraduate courses of all faculties and students of Technical and Professional Courses. It will also be useful for general readers. This book is divided into 5 units and 22 chapters related to Value Education, harmony of Individual, Family and Society relationships, harmony with nature, holistic understanding, and professional and technical ethics. It also contains further readings, MCQ tests with key and Subject Index. Size is about 230 pages.

Salient Features -
- Easy-to-understand lucid conversational style.
- Every chapter contains Learning Objectives, Structure, Summary, - Key Words, Self-test questions and practice assignments.
- Mandations, preachings, directions, dogmas and unfounded beliefs are avoided.
- Daily life examples are used to illustrate key concepts encouraging learners to raise queries and join debates, and undertake self-experiments while making free choice of Values.


Contents -

Unit 1: Value Education
1. Value Education
2. Process of Value Education (Self-exploration)
3. Purpose of Life
4. Ethics, Ethos, Values and Skills
5. Material Needs vs. Relationships
6. Current Scenario of Material Status and Happiness
Unit 2: Harmony of Individual
7. I (Soul) and My (Body) Coexistence
8. More about Needs of I (Soul) and My (Body)
9. My (Body) as Instrument of I (Soul)
10. Harmony in I (Soul)
11. Harmony of I (Soul) with My (Body)
12. Swasthya through Sanyam
Unit 3: Family and Society Relations
13. Family Relationship
14. Values in Inter-human Relations (Family and Society Relations)
15. Social Harmony
16. Non-violent Communication
Unit 4: Harmony in Existence
17. Harmony in Nature
18. Co-existence at All Levels
Unit 5: Holistic Understanding and Professional and Technical Ethics
19. Natural Acceptance
20. Vision for Human Order
21. Commitment to Professional Ethics
22. Use of Holistic Technologies and Management

About The Author

Professor N.M. Khandelwal (b. 2.10.1942), M.Com. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D., CBA (Canada) and FIAA. He has more than 40 years’ experience of postgraduate teaching and research of which 34 years as academic administrator-University Professor, Head/Dean/Director at Saurashtra University and M.D.S. University. He has also worked as Director of MBA Institutions–GLS, NRIBM, Ahmedabad, ITM Bhilwara, Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer, AITS and RKCBM, Rajkot. As eminent Professor, he has been invited as Visiting Professor/Visiting Fellow by various Universities. He has produced 21 Ph.D.s and completed 4 post doctoral research projects. He has several books, research papers and articles published to his credit. He is a renowned author in the area of Indian Ethos and Value for Managers. He has visited U.S. Universities twice. He has been President of Indian Accounting Association and General Secretary, Inter-University Council of Business Education and Research. Currently he is Chairman, IAA Standing Committee on Accounting Standards. He is currently working as Hony. Director, Ved Vyas Centre for Indian Management, Shri Govind Guru University, Godhara (Gujarat). He can be reached at email ID – [email protected]

His other publications from our firm are:
1. Sri Bhagwadgita for Managers
2. Managerial Lessons from Ramcharitmanas
3. Stress Management (Based on Ashtavakra Gita)
4. Indian Ethos and Values for Managers (Text and Cases from Maharashtra)

Rohan Gupta (b. 10.1.1990) – This is his maiden publication. He holds B.E. (Civil) Degree from Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur in First Class and M.E. (Transportation Engineering) from L.D. College of Engineering, G.T.U., Ahmedabad in First Class with Distinction. He has short professional experience followed by about 5.5 years teaching experience at B.Tech. (Civil) in Nathdwara Institute of Engineering and Technology. Currently, he is Faculty at Amity University, Jaipur. He may be reached at email ID – [email protected]

Book Reviews

I am so delighted to go through and review this exellent book at the service of Huminity. In my opinion, specially in this modern period, where the life is becoming superficial and the ethics are being neglected in each and every aspect of the life, this exostive knowledge, literature with all references and all details that one might need is provided in “The Text Book on Value Education” which has the holistic universal usefulness to rebuilt the new generation in it's best. Which will bring back the stability, faith, truthfulness, respect, honesty, confidence, character, ability, vigilance, sympathy, vigor, determination, dedication in the person whosoever will read this and follow it literally in their life. It will really develop the feeling and real sense of "Vasudhaivakutumbakum" i.e. "Complete Universe is a Family". This will solve all the problems of today's society at the intra and international level.
The book has been meticulously prepared after prolong thinking and meditation to cover all aspects of value education and the human life as a whole.
My hearty felicitations to the authers, publishers and all concerned persons for this wonderful creation, I would suggest to put "THE TEXT BOOK" and not "A Text Book", Please.
Moreover, I strongly recommend that, this book be available to each and every individual of the whole world. Hence, I hope that it will be not limited to this or that catogouries and also will be translated in all languages existing on this earth, so everyone can follow it in each corner of the earth, which will bring the eternal cosmic harmoney, satisfaction, peace, respect and joy.
Thanking you,
With best wishes and warm regards,
Docteur Mahesh JANI, M.Sc. Ph.D.(MSU), D.SC. (FRANCE)
8 Grande rue,
25000 Besançon, FRANCE.


Being a practicing manager for 37 years in a leading financial institution, I can say with conviction that value education to young students can save the world from many hazards, frauds and prosecutions. The book' a text book on value education' is a valuable step in right direction, my honesty owes it to the teaching given by the elders in the house. Today's Modern families, where children are kept in day care, miss on this great source of spiritual knowledge.
Author shri Khandelwal has taken great care to present the wisdom of Indian scriptures in a Modern style to suit the taste of young minds, book is written in text book style yet useful for non school going people as well.
My best wishes,
Mukesh Gupta, Managing Director (Retired), LIC Of India.

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