Uniform Civil Code

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

Uniform Civil Code is a Burning Issue – an issue as close to my heart as it is relevant. Therefore, it finally became the inspiration for my Ph.D. thesis research under the title – 'Dawoodi Bohras' Marriage and Divorce in the Light of Modern Complexity. Dawoodi Bohras were originally Hindus and are, presently, Muslims. Necessarily, therefore, their Matrimonial Laws can unify Matrimonial Laws of Hindus and Muslims to have a Uniform Civil Code. Though Research ended in Doctorate Degree yet it defied peace to me until I authored the Book on Uniform Civil Code. I have no evil intention; my only intention is to be vocal on Research Results. I wish and hope that my Research Results will receive approval and blessings of one and all.


Contents -

Case Laws
1. Abstract
2. Preliminary
3. Uniformity in Conceptuality of Religions
4. Uniformity in Conceptuality of Matrimonial Laws
5. Intellectuals can Pave the Way to Unify the Nation for Uniform Civil Code
6. Modern World Matrimonial Law
7. Landfills for Framers of Uniform Civil Code

About The Author

Dr. I. A. Saiyed is Ph.D. (Law) and practicing Advocate from 1971. He is specializing in Labour Laws, Family Laws and Constitutional Law. He is teaching as Visiting Faculty from 1980.

He has authored books on: –

(1) Family Laws – Foreword was given by Mr. Justice R.J. Kochar of Bombay High Court for 1st edition, Mrs. Justice Nishita Mhatre of Bombay High Court (as she was then) for 2nd edition, Mr. Justice S.C. Dharmadhikari of Bombay High Court for 3rd edition and Mr. Justice M.S. Karnik of Bombay High Court for 4th edition.

(2) Administrative Law – Foreword was given by Mr. Justice Abhay Oka of Bombay High Court (as he was then) for 1st Edition and the Honorable Chief Justice Mr. Mohit Shah of the Bombay High Court for 2nd edition.

(3) Labour Laws – Foreword was given by Mr. Justice B.N. Srikrishna of Bombay High Court (as he was then) for 1st edition and Mr. Justice V.M. Kande of Bombay High Court for 4th edition.

(4) Industrial Law – His books are approved by the Mumbai University on its Syllabus for Law students. His several articles are published in AIR, Mah. L.J. and Newspapers. On 11–12–1989, he was appointed as Notary by the State of Maharashtra for Greater Mumbai.

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