Mechanics and Properties of Matter(Sem 1, NEP)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5495-581-5

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2021

No. Of Pages : 232

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About The Book

Teaching is seen as a performance by some.if this be true , a teacher needs to reinvent himself continuously. For every performance too is born out of its own specific context. What pleases people today, may bore tomorrow’s audience. Students of this day are in many respects very different from the ones we met a decade ago. If the advent of digital revolution has ad any impact on education, it has only emphasized the performance aspects of teaching even more. Yet there was a sense of complacency among us for we doubted if students around a tier- II city such as Tumkur would take to technology for educational purpose as quickly as they did say for entertainment and association.

Covid-19, however, forced even fate. Future arrived early .Today, google classroom, blended learning, online assessment, and MOOCs have entered the conversational vocabulary of our students.


Contents -

1. Units and Measurements
2. Momentum and Energy
3. Special Theory of Relativity
4. Laws of Motion
5. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
6. Gravitation
7. Oscillations
8. Elasticity
9. Surface Tension
10. Viscosity

About The Author

Mangala Gowri M. is drawn to Physics primarily due to its capacity to explain phenomena at various levels. Her engagement with Physics is in many ways similar to how one engages with palimpsest - an engagement that is characterised by simultaneous interaction at varying depths within the surface that is apparently singular. She enjoys and marvels at how physics never abandons a phenomenon. She admires its capacity to offer explanations that account for multiplicity of experience of the same phenomenon. She finds it beautiful. In some sense, she is in Physics for its aesthetics. And Ms Gowri believes that as a teacher it is her purpose to draw attention to the poetics of the physical world.

Ms. Gowri completed her doctoral research in Tumkur University and had earlier studies in Mangalore. Currently, Ms. Gowri serves as Assistant Professor of Physics at University College of Science, Tumkur University. Additionally, she heads the Department of Physics (UG). She is also the Deputy Registrar in the academic section of the University.

Ms. Gowri other interests include music and literature. Her Sunday mornings are spent in her little garden and afternoons with her sewing machine. When she is nor in either of these places, she is probably in some corner watching YouTube, most likely a particularly lousy channel that is known to post utterly useless videos.

S. V. Niranjana


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