MCQs IN PSYCHOLOGY: Objectives for UPSC, UGC-NET/JRF and Other Competitive Examinations

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Answer to any question may be broadly categorized into two ways such as objective and long answer type. Answering questions in a long or narrative manner may be time consuming and may create physical and psychological burden. Further, it may not satisfy the answer what the question proposed to be. In such cases, answer in short form or objective manner may be preferable. Psychology is a very broad subject to understand the concept and its meaning. In this regard, reader prefer the exact meaning and concept to understand psychology better through some multiple choice questions and can prepare the answer easily by going through the important points and statement which is required for certain purpose.

In the Union Public Services (UPSC) (India), candidates prepare a huge number of papers and questions starting from general knowledge to their main stream of the optional paper for main the examination. In this context, it is very difficult for them to go through many branches of psychology, which is a very broad topic in nature. In this context, the present book will definitely help them to prepare better for their prelims and main exams interested in the field of psychology without spending much time, effort and also the cost factor. Similarly, the present book will serve students to prepare for University Grant Commission (UGC), National Educational Test (NET) / Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) programme and other competitive examinations in psychology.

Last but not leasts it can be said that the book contains total of twenty chapters including 2000 to 3000 multiple choice question answers in different way, like Fill in The Blanks, True/False, Assertion/Reasoning, etc., which are more relevant to most of the competitive examinations. These chapters of the book cover most of the important branches of psychology and will definitely help students interested for different types of examination to score better having a healthy and sound knowledge. The wordings and terminology of the book is simple and reader-friendly which will definitely help the interested beginners to attend any competitive examination in psychology.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Psychology
2. Physiology of Behaviour
3. Sensation, Attention and Perception
4. Learning and Conditioning
5. Memory Process
6. Thinking Process
7. Motivation

About The Author

Dr. Avinash Kumar: Presently Dr. Avinash Kumar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology, University of Delhi, South Campus. Before working in University of Delhi, Dr. Kumar also worked as a lecturer in Department of Applied Psychology at V.B.S. Purvanchal University for a period of 7 years. He had also worked in numbers of projects funded by different funding agencies.

Specialized in the field of Organisational Psychology and Personal Management, Dr. Kumar has published around 15 research articles in National and International Journals. He has the contribution of 2 books in the area of Sports Psychology and Introduction to Applied Psychology. He is the members of different reputed organizations such as CPAI- Community Psychology Association of India; NAOP - National Academy of Psychology; AASP - Asian Association of Social Psychology; ICDA- India Career Development Association and IAAP- Indian Association of Positive Psychology. Briefly besides, many administrative responsibilities holding in the University of Delhi, Dr. Kumar has been doing many research works in the field of Applied Psychology.

Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud : Gopal C. Mahakud is an Assistant professor in Department of Applied Psychology, University of Delhi, South campus, Delhi, India. Before the present status, Dr. Mahakud also served as an assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Keshav College, University of Delhi. He received his Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Delhi in the year 2010. The prime area of Dr. Mahakud are Childhood Mental Disorder and substance uses for which he has worked in 3 projects related to the field of Learning Disabilities, Tobacco Cessation Clinic and Primary Care givers of children with Mental retardation at university of Delhi, India.

Dr. Mahakud also worked in Tobacco Cessation Clinic as a Counselor nearly for a period of 1 and half year at Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi. He has worked as a Dy. Director (R&D) in a National level Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working in community development and adolescents’ mental health. Dr. Mahakud has published more than 30 Research article in different areas of Psychology and applied psychology such as, learning disabilities, reading disabilities, stress, depression, anxiety, social networking, criminal psychology, geriatric Psychology, organizational behavior, Management, and Psychophysiology in National and International Journals. His book titled “Dyslexia: An Introduction to Reading Disorder” Published from MacGraw Hill Higher Education Pvt. Ltd, is very popular among the readers worldwide. Recently Dr. Mahakud has also contribution of another book in the area of Applied Psychology. Briefly it can be said that the journey of knowledge acquisition through teaching and research is an unremitting process for Dr. Gopal C. Mahakud.

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