Business Research Methods

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Business Research Methods is a course for several Indian universities both at degree as well as post graduation level. The course is also extensively and compulsory studied by M.Phil and doctoral programmes.

Business Research Methods contents are not available in full in any of the publications in India. This has created little problem not only to the students but also to the teachers and researchers. As the socio-economic development is aggressively changing, business and research activities are also being encouraged in the country. It is in this context, we congratulate Banglore University for having taken initiativeness in introducing this subject at BBM course. The contents of the course has been designed in such away that the students at the graduation level get familiar with the concepts of research.

Each unit of syllabus has been presented to the students and the teachers in a lucid and simple manner. The objective of this book is to serve as a text book for courses in Research Methodology in social sciences and also to serve as a hand book for research scholars.

The book is organised in six chapters. Each chapter takes the reader to the detailed study of the contents. At the end of the book skill development exercises are also presented. This would definitely takes the students community to get an insight into Business Research Methods


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Research Problem
3. Research Design
4. Sampling
5. Data Collection and Processing
6. Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Skill Development

About The Author

Prof. Krishnaswami, is an eminent scholar and a writer. He has contributed over 100 papers to leading journals, has conducted and guided many research projects, and has participated and presented papers in many regional and national seminars. He has directed several workshops on methodology of research.

He was on the Working Group on Research and extension appointed by the Ministry of Education and Youth Services, Government of India in 1970, and on the Working Groups on Agricultural Finance, and the Special Working Group on Commerce Education, Tamil Nadu Planning Commission during 1971-73. He worked as a visiting research consultant in Hasanuddin University. He is associated with academic bodies of several Universities and Professional bodies.

After serving as Professor and Dean Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, Bangalore for a decade and half, Dr. Krishnaswami was working as Visiting Professor in Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for three years. Currently, he is adjunct Professor of Management in National University, San Jose, U.S.A. His publications include : Essentials of Commerce, Co-operative Democracy in Action, Co-operative Accounting-keeping, Co-operative Audit, Administrative Handbook for Co-operative Department, Methodology of Research in Social Sciences, MBO, the Concept and Methodology, and Fundamentals of Co-operation.

Dr. B.G. Satyaprasad is a co-author of Financial Management and other nine leading titles in the field of Commerce and Management is presently working as a professor of commerce in Abbas Khan College for Women, Bangalore. He has teaching experience of more than 20 years in.under graduate and 10 years in post-graduate management courses. He has served in various capacities in different fields. Viz. Organising workshops, conferences and refresher courses. He is associated with many leading management institutes and research centers. Mount Carmal Institute of Management Studies, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies, CMRI Management Studies, Surana College (P.G. Center), KKECS Institute of Management Studies. He is working as Principal Investigator for a Major Research Proj ect sponsored by University Grants Commissions, New Delhi. He has guided many research scholars and projects in the field of Commerce and Management. He has presented number of papers in state, national and international conferences and contributed many articles to leading journals. He has been continuously exposed to wide range of issues relating to Finance and Banking.

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