India in World Affairs Towards The 21st Century

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Year of Publication : 2022

No. Of Pages : 330

About The Book

India in World Affairs presents a unique collection of twenty essays on various aspects of Indian foreign policy. The country has played a remarkable role in international politics during the fifty years since Independence. As the twentieth century draws to a close, a new global order seems to be emerging. If India is to participate meaningfully in this order, it will have to review its past performance in the domain of foreign policy and chart a new course for the future. The scholars represented in this volume address themselves to this twofold task from diverse perspectives.


Contents -

1. India in World Affairs: Retrospect & Prospect
2. The Nehruvian Tradition in World Affairs: its Evolution and Relevance to Post-Cold War International Relations
3. Indian Foreign Policy and International Relations Theory: A Post-Neorealist View
4. The Making of India's Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change, 1947-1997
5. Indian in South Asia: an Emerging Hegemon?
6. From 'World-View' to 'Nation-View': Fifty Years of Sino-Indian Interaction
7. The Geo-strategic, Geopolitical Importance of the Indian Ocean 8. India and The United States: From Security Dilemma to Insecurity Dilemma
9. Canada-India Relations the Current Issues
10. Reflections on Indo-Soviet Relations, 1947-91
11. Indo-Russian Relations on the Threshold of Post-Soviet Realities
12. Fifty Years of Indo-Europen Relations.
13. India and the arab-Jewish/ Israeli Dispute: a Reappraisal
14. Changing Patterns of Cooperation Between India And Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Reflections
15. Indian,Non Alignment and Third World
16. India and The United Nations Organisation
17. India Defence Policy
18. India Nuclear Policy
19. India's Foreign Economy Policy
20. India and the Glob Information Order: Losing Time Baton

About The Author

Mangesh Kulkarni is Lecturer, Department of Politics, S.N.D.T. Women`s University, Mumbai. He obtained his M.Phil. from the University of Mumbai and is currently engaged in doctoral research. His publication`s include A Terrorist of the Spirit (with R.Hoskote), Harper Collins, 1992; and articles in scholarly journals like The South Asia Bulletin (New York) and the Economic & Political Weekly. He recently visited the U.S.A. to present a paper at the annual conference of the American Political Science Association, in NewYork.

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