Dynamics of Population and Family Welfare 1991

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Beginning in 1979. the present volume of Dynamics of Population and Family Weybre is the seventh in the series of biennial publications brought out by the International Institute for Population Sciences, Bombay, and presents the findings of the research work carried out by the faculty members and/or research students at the Institute during the years 1990 and 1991. We feel greatly encouraged by the excellent reviews that appeared in some recognised journals like Population Studies about the earlier volumes. In this volume, twelve articles have been included. These are grouped under three sections: Section I on "Developmental and Demographic Trends", Section II on "Migration, Urbanisation and Labour Force". Section III on "Fertility and Mortality," Each Section contains four articles.

Almost all the articles pertain to India and cover a wide range of topics such as study of characteristics and perceptions of students in higher education in Maharashtra: Manpower Planning: Breast-feeding and Contraception: and study of Slums in the City of Thane (Maharashtra). In terms of the size, this volume is the smallest in the series published thus far. The Institute's faculty members have been encouraged for contributing to this volume because of the interest the demographic community has evinced in this series. The faculty did not yet get time and resources to fully exploit the published results of the 1991 Census of India but we have included one article highlighting the salient features of India's population trends based on the latest census data.


Contents -

Section I
Developmental and Demographic Trends
1. Socio-Demographic Background and Perceptions of students in Higher Education in Maharashtra by K. Srinivasan and G. Rama Rao
2. Demographic Transition among Roman Catholics: An Examination Though Parish Records by Irudayarajan
3. Sex Diffrentials in Nutritional Status : An Analysis of the Poor and Rich in Tamil Nadu by Arokiasamy
4. Salient Features of India's Population by Sanghmitra Acharya
Section II
Migration, Urbanisation And Labour Force
5. Salient Features of Internal Migration in India by A. Sebastian
6. Migrants in the slums of Thane City by Kamla Gupta, Parveen Nangia and Md. Fayazuddin
7. The Nature of Migration and Urbanization in India : A Search for Alternative Planning Strategies by Shekhar Mukherji
8. Some Observations on Manpower Planning in India by D. Radha Devi
Section III
Fertility and Mortality
9. Application of Bongaarts' Model for the Appraisal of Family Planning Programme Impact on Recent Fertility in India by K. B. Pathak and F. Ram
10.Breast-Feeding and Contraception : Are they Related Decisions? by Saumya Rama Rao
11.Determinants of Fertility in India: A District Level Analysis by Sulabha Parasuraman and F. Ram
12.Effect of Early Marriage and High Fertility on Child Mortality in Selected States of India by C.P. Prakasam Sridhar and U.P.Sinha

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