Economics of Water Supply

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Year of Publication : 2022

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A study of the "Economics of Water" in Indian conditions should have been a Well recognised normal academic activity.However, not unsurprisingly a case needs to be made for the study of water. Several parts of India and fairly specified regions in South India are notorious for their water famines..In the last two decades dramatic uncertainties in the outbreak and substance of monsoons has brought home the importance of water as an economic resource.

The recurring water famines in the metropolitan towns and cities dramatists the failure to study urban water supply.This is in marked contrast with the close attention paid to problems of electricity and road transport as economic overhead sand public enterprises. Provision of adequate drinking water to all people in India, particularly to those living in rural and remote regions, is a goal whose dimensions are yet to be outlined. Even in the so called study of public enterprise water industry is conspicuous by its absence.


Contents -

1. Economics of Water Supply
1.1 Water and its importance
1.2 Estimate of total water supplies
1.3 Water as an Economic Good
1.4 Public water supplies
1.5 Water supply undertaking
2. A Review of Drinking Water Supply Programmes
2.1 World wide situation of drinking water supplies
2.2 Public water supply programmes In India
2.3 Public water supplies in Andhra Pradesh
2.4 Drinking water supply schemes in Rayalaseema
3. Drinking Water Supply System in Anantapur Town
3.1 Anantapur Municipality — The Water Supply Undertaking
3.2 Drinking water supply schemes and improvements
3.3 Analysis of Supply and Distribution of Drinking Water in Anantapur Town
3.4 Analysis of Finances of Water Supply Undertaking in Anantapur Town
4. Protected Water Supply System In Kurnool City
4.1 Kurnool Municipality—The Water Supply Agency
4.2 Drinking Water Supply Programmes and Schemes in Kurnool City
4.3 Analysis of Supply and Distribution of Protected Water in Kurnool City
4.4 Analysis of finances of water supply undertaking in Kurnool City
5. The Public Water Supply System in Cuddapah Town
5.1 The Cuddapah Municipality—a water supply undertaking
5.2 The Drinking Water Supply. and Distribution Facilities
5.3 Analysis of drinking water distribution by the Cuddapah Municipality
5.4 Analysis of Finances of Cuddapah Water Supply Undertaking
6. Protected Water Supply System in Chittoor Town
6.1 The Chittoor Municipal Town
6.2 Protected water supply system in Chittoor town
6.3 Analysis of protected water supply position in Chittoor town
6.4 Analysis of finances of Chittoor water supply undertaking
7. A Comparative Analysis of Drinking Water Supply Undertakings in Selected Urban Centres of Rayalaseema
7.1 Municipalities —The Water Supply Undertaking
7.2 Drinking Witte Supply Schemes and Programmes
7.3 Comparative Analysis of water distribution in selected towns of Rayalaseema
7.4 Comparative analysis of the finances of water supply undertakings in selected towns

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