Executive Development (India And Abroad)

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

If there is a single factor, which is the key for unlocking the forces of economic growth and creating the wealth of nations not only in the less developed areas of the world but also the developed nations chasing the dream of globalisation, liberalisation, and individualisation in view of the bursting Dotcom bubble and internet burn rate in the world, it is Management. What is holding the world back is the scarce resource of executive talent. Management is not only the urgent callings but also perhaps the most critically short resource facing us in the years immediately ahead not only in India but also in the USA, Japan and Europe.

What is the state of art of executive development in India and elsewhere The present study aims to provide an answer through 28 chapters classified in two parts, the first part dealing with the state of the art of executive development, covering such areas as management philosophy towards executive development, objectives, top management support, executive resources planning, selection, induction, executive performance appraisals, strategy of executive development, utilisation and evaluation, executive development faculty, support systems, responsibility, organisation and research and an interim appraisal. The second part deals with the Model of Management of executive development covering such areas of new executive development concept, systems approach, executive resources planning & procurement, unified strategy of development, cost-benefit analysis, breaking-in the management trainees, and management commitment, drawing from the experiences, research and experiments of leading organisations in India and the World. Executive development is the process of growing leadership. It refers to all the actions or influences, whether generated by the manager, his boss, his associates, for his company and the forces of globalisation, regionalisation, liberalisation, individualisation that affect how he works, how he leads and how he grows as a manager.

The outlook for the years ahead suggests that the development of business and global executives, will require substantial effort, since we shall need millions of executives who are professional, sound and incorruptible, in the emerging as well as advanced world. Our analysis in the current volume will endeavour to:

(a) throw light on and promote better understanding of executive development in the various sectors.

(b) provide a reliable source of reference to businessmen and industrialists in India and the world.

(c) provide teaching and research material to management faculty.


Contents -

PART - I State Of The Art
1. Management Philosophy Development 'forwards Executive,
2. Executive Development Policies
3. Objectives of Executive Development
4. Top Management and Executive Development
5. Organisational Climate
6. Executive Resources Planning
7. Executive Recruitment, Selection and Induction
8. Executive Performance Appraisal
9. Perception of Executive Development Needs
10. Strategy of Executive Development
11. Executive Training and Development Techniques
12. Executive Development Support System
13. Executive Development Facilities
14. Executive Development Faculty
15. Utilisation of Trained Executives
16. Evaluation of Executive Development
17. Executive Development Responsibility
18. Executive Development Research
19. Executive Development Organisation
20. A Balance Sheet on Executive Development — An Interim Appraisal
21. Summary and Conclusions
Management of Executive Development — A Model
22. Executive Development Concept
23. Systems Approach
24. Executive Resources Planning and Procurement
25. Unified Strategy of Development
26. Cost-Benefit Analysis
27. Breaking in the Management Trainees
28. Management Commitment

About The Author

M.N. Rudrabasavaraj´╗┐ -

President and Executive Director of MNR Associates Pvt. Ltd., a firm of international management consultants, headquartered in Singapore but with operations exetended to countries like Singapore, Japan, India, Indonesia, USA, UK, Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Canada, Fiji, Middle East, etc. Consultancy assignments cover advising and assisting clients in improving management, human resources management, human resource development, professionalisation, management philosophy, leadership, future professional management development, organisation design, development and structuring, total productivity improvement, customer first management, career development and management succession, quality of management, people and services, corporate planning and expansion and undertaking various studies-corporate, national, regional and global-on industries, markets, consumers, employees and developing models, manuals, systems, policies, procedures and organisation cultures.

Very much married, with a son, who is schooling and interested in all good things in life. Currently engaged in developing and implementing Global Human Growth Model dedicated to providing the three fundamental Es-(1) education for all, (2) employment for all, (3) energising all people to realise their maximum potentialities and assisting and advising Governments and Global Agencies in Human Growth and changing the world for better.

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