Soft Skills in The Hospitality Industry

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

"You can draw more flies with a spoonful of sugar, than a barrel of vinegar" - so said a highly-reputed and much-revered spiritual author - St. Francis de Sales - centuries ago.

This pithy saying needs no explanation as the message is patently obvious. Stated differently, people are spontaneously drawn to those who are respectful, tactful and kind. By contrast, people are promptly alienated by those who are harsh, tactless and unkind. And this fundamental strategy has served as the universal basis in all interpersonal relationships.

Teachers have been able to draw out the best in their students by being understanding, helpful and encouraging. Employers have been able to successfully draw our the very best in their employees just by a word of respectful kindness than harsh fault-finding. This is why a Chinese proverb runs as follows: "A man without a smile should never enter business."

These in lies the vital importance of a strategy like this: "You can draw more flies with a spoonful of sugar than a barrel of vinegar." And that, in a nutshell, is the all-important gist of this invaluable book 'Soft Skills in the Hospitality Industry'. Actions always speak louder than words, and the author has but one and all-important objective - to teach one and all the positive benefits of "a spoonful of sugar" in the Hotel and Service Industry.


Contents -

1. What are Soft Skills?
2. Personal Grooming
3. The Psychology of Colour and Clothing
4. Interacting with a Customer
5. Complaint Handling
6. Body Language
7. Telephone Etiquette
8. E-mail and SMS Etiquette
9. Listening Skills
10. Common Courtesy Phrases in Different Languages
11. Cultural Sensitivity
12. 'Politics' in the Workplace

About The Author

Graham Mark Miranda is a professional with over twenty years experience in the hospitality industry. He was predominantly associated with Learning and Development.

He has enjoyed responsible positions at premier hotels like the Oberoi – Mumbai, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel – Mumbai, The Taj Blue Diamond Hotel – Pune, The Taj President Hotel – Mumbai and the Taj Wellington Mews – Mumbai. Having served in these exclusive placements, he has a vast experience covering various facets of communications and operations. He has also taught and mentored over 500 students, across age groups and seniority.

For a while, he was also a part of the Faculty at the Institute of Hotel Management - Aurangabad, teaching students in Operations, Revenue Management and Marketing.

His educational qualifications include a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from SP Jain Institute, Mumbai, a Bachelors in Economics from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai, and Professional Certification Course in Communication Skills from Trinity College, London.

His first book on the Fundamentals of English Grammar has been well received. This is his second book.

He is an avid trekker, cyclist and enjoys reading and theatre.

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