Mathematics of Karnatic Music

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

The Indian music system is classified into two types: Hindustani and Karnataka Sangeetha. Karnataka Sangeetha, also known as Karnatic music, is practised and performed for centuries. Various artistic and revered scholars have contributed over the years to design and develop Karnatic music systematically. The Karnatic music system is not just a mere combination of melodies and ragas. Its construction and design are purely logical and mathematical. This book, Mathematics of Karnatic music, decodes the arithmetic concepts embedded at the surface level. Right from the fundamentals of music to the complex mathematical foundations of the art, is explained in the simplest approach. The combination of Music and Mathematics is a merriment read and enlightening at the same time. The chapters take the readers through the mathematical journey of Karnatic music with a more innovative and logical approach. Explanations are simple and easy to understand and the calculations of multiple iterations are provided to make sure the readers understand the complexity of the construction of the Karnatic music system.


Contents -

1. A Brief Origin of Karnatic Music
2. Mathematical Approach to Karnatic Music
3. Mathematical Arrangements in Sarali Varase
4. Mathematical Arrangements in Janti Varase
5. Mathematical Arrangements in Daatu Varase
6. Pythagorean Comma
7. Ptolemaic Comma
8. Euler's Gradus Suavitatis
9. The Twelfth Root of Two
10. Combinatorics of Melakarta Ragas
11. Katapayadi – The Ancient Hash Function
Terminologies and Definitions
Bibliography and References

About The Author

Aakash Narasipure, Writer, Bharata Natyam dancer, and Academician, Aakash Narasipure has worked as an editor and author for various academic books on Mathematics, Performing Arts and Literature. Rajatahpeetapuram, and Pasupathi 1934, his previous works have reached the top hundred best sellers on Amazon in 2020. His works across several disciplines broadly address narratives of ancient Indian mythological and historical stories. As a content writer, he has contributed significantly to the development of academic books of Indian and American standards. As a dancer,  he has performed at a few dance festivals and temples on auspicious occasions.

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