The Urban Co-Operative Bank A Case Study

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Year of Publication : 2014

About The Book

The term Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs) though not formally defined refers to primary co-operative banks located in urban and semi-urban areas. These banks till 1996 were allowed to lend money only for non-agricultural purposes. This distinction does not hold today. They essentially lent to small borrowers and business. Today, their scope of operations has widened considerably.

Though much smaller as compared to scheduled commercial banks, co-operative banks constitute an important segment of the Indian Banking Systems. They have an extensive branch network and reach out to people in remote areas. They have traditionally played an important role in creating banking habits among the lower and middle income groups.

This book covers growth and profile of the origin of urban co-operative banks. The critical evaluation of the performance by taking some financial indicators is made.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Research Methodology and Hypothesis
3. Review of Literature
4. An Overview of Origin and Growth of Urban Co-Op. Bank in India
5. Profile of Navjeevan Co-Op. Bank Ltd., Ulhasnagar
6. Evaluation of Performance of Navjeevan Co-Op. Bank Ltd., Ulhasnagar
7. Findings and Suggestions

About The Author

Dr. Dilip B. Bhanagade is Associate Professor in the department of Commerce and Management Studies at Dyanasadhana College, Thane University of Mumbai. He was worked as a senior lecturer and Head of Department for 28 years. He is a Ph.D guide in the University of Mumbai. He has participated in National and International Conferences and presented Research parer. His Research papers were awarded with Outstanding Research Papers in many International Conferences. He was reckoned as Professor No. 1 by leading Marathi News Papers in Mumbai.

He is reresources person for institution like SEBI, Institute if Cost and Works Accountancy of India and Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India for Financial Education Programmes. He has conducted more than 50 workshops ans educated more than 5000 people across the society.

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