Harnessing Employees Creativity

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

In this competitive era, the organizations are always in look out for ideas, which can bring in business sustainability and business growth.

Even a tiniest idea of process or product improvement can bring substantial benefits to any organizaion including MSMEs.

Tapping creative ideas from the employees is a cost-effective approach. The book starts with the understanding the concept of employees' creativity and formation of strategy for involving the employees tapping for tapping their ideas.


Contents -

1. Understanding Creativity
2. Understanding Employee Involvement
3. Our Employees are Our Gold Mine
4. Being Creative is Not So Difficult
5. Getting Ideas from Creative Minds
6. Platform to Harness Creativity
7. Ploughing Benefit from Employee Involvement

About The Author

Indranil Ghosh is an Electrical Engineer, Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) and Maintenance, Energy and Power, Safety and Sustainability and HR, Business Excellence and Management System Professional and a multi-skilled trainer with around 40 years of extensive industrial and corporate experience.

His prime hobby is to implant positive energy in people. He had studied a lot on Mind Matters, psychology, meditation, etc. and experimental them on his own and others life.

As an author and trainer, Indranil Ghosh is always an advocator of easy learning and he always tries his best to make a perfect blend of hardcore technical knowledge, soft skills and imagination to present them in all of his training programs and books.

The real joy of teaching comes only when the teacher falls in LOVE with himself and his own way of teaching. For Indranil Ghosh, teaching and writing are not only his profession but also a passion. And this perfect blend of passion and profession is the genesis of his charisma. That is why, in spite of being an ace engineer, he has been successful in proving himself as a charismatic Management Trainer.

His efforts of implanting positive energy in people are often reflected in his writings and training workshops. He is a pubplished author of many books. Some of them are

● two Self-Improvement books - "10 Feel Good Factors" and "Empower Yourself wotth the Power Hidden within You" for developing personalities.
● one edicative fiction "Nuggets of Nostalgia - Prescription for Happiness". The attempt has been made to present a handy text book in the form of a romantic fiction for the budding managers who wish to manage themselves and other resources. A few hard management dogmas have been propagated in soft manner.
● one soft technical book "Managing the Invisible Monster". This book talks about safe ways of handling electricity, which is invisible but can serve both as a slave as well as a master. Hazards of electricity and the ways to mitigate them has been discussed in such a simplified manner that even the persons who do not know anything about electricity will be able to understand it.
● one book on business sustainability - "Romance with Risk is Business but Romance with Business is Sustainability". This book explains the easy methods of adopting a sustainability framework in the Business Strategy.

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