Medicinal Chemistry (Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2022

No. Of Pages : 718

About The Book

This book may prove useful not only to the students and teachers of degree in pharmacy but also to diploma students and medical students.

The present book "Medicinal Chemistry" has been written according to the revised syllabi of various universities and boards. In this book, subject matter has been organised incorporating application wise classification rather than the traditional chemical classification. More emphasis has been further laid by explaining the medical and pharmaceutical terms and to what extent it is justifiable to classify a compound under any of the categories. Inevitably, students will find repetition for some compounds which find more than one application.

This book may prove useful not only to the students and teachers of degree in pharmacy but also to diploma students and medical students.


Contents :

1. Concepts of Medicinal Chemistry
2. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry
3. Classification and Nomenclature of Drugs
4. Theories of Drug Action and Factors Affecting Drug Action
5. Assay of Drugs and Metabolism of Drug
6. Relation of Chemical Structure and Chemical Activity
7. General Anaesthetics
8. Local Anaesthetics
9. Hypnotics and Sedatives
10. Anticonvulsant Drugs
11. Opioid Analgesics
12. Antitussives
13. Psychoactive Drugs
14. Central Nervous System Stimulants
15. Antiparkinsonism Drugs
16. Adrenergic Drugs
17. Cholinergic and Anticholinesterase Agents
18. Antispasmodic and Antiulcer Drugs
19. Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
20. Antihistamines
21. Nonsteroidal Antiinflammtory Agents and Analgesic-Antipyretics
22. Cardio Vascular Agents
23. Diuretics
24. Oxytocics
25. Anthelminitcs
26. Antimalarials
27. Antiamoebic Drugs
28. Miscellaneous Antiprotozoal Drugs
29. Urinary Tract Antiseptics
30. Antifungal Drugs
31. Antiviral Agents
32. Antincoplastic Agents
33. Diagnostic Agents
34. Disinfectants and Antiseptics
35. Coagulants, Haemostatics and Anticoagulants
36. Hypoglycaemic Agents
37. Thyroids Hormones and Antithyroid Drugs
38. Steroids and Related Drugs
39. Vitamins
40. Sulphonamides
41. Antiboitics
42. Antimycobacterial Agents
43. Insecticides and Insect Repellants

About The Author

Dr. Gurdeep R. Chatwal is widely known for writing several popular text books, monographs and encyclopedia on different aspects on chemistry, environmental science and pharmaceutical chemistry. He got his M.Sc. from Roorkee University (Now I.I.T. Roorkee) and Ph.D. from University of Delhi. At present he is working as Reader in Chemistry in D.S. College, University of Delhi. He had also taught in IARI, Pusa, New Delhi, M.M.H. College, Meerut University and S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, Delhi.

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