PHARMA MCQs Companion (Sem 1, B.Pharm)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5596-631-5

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2022

No. Of Pages : 204

Book Weight :298

About The Book

We are feeling privileged to present this MCQ books series to every aspirant of the Pharmacy fraternity. Harmonization of the syllabus and examination pattern by the Pharmacy Council of India followed by a pandemic situation has made us realize the importance of objective and MCQ style questions. Majority of the Pharmacy aptitude tests like GPAT and NIPER JEE, Pharmacy exit examinations, Government/non-government recruitment examinations and other competitive examinations are being conducted through MCQ-based pattern. It has created a huge thrust for MCQ-based books that not only cover the latest PCI syllabus with topic/unit-wise MCQ type questions but also provide insights into the relevant matter through relevant description. We hope this thrust will be significantly extinguished by these series of books.

We are sure that the readers of the first edition will enjoy reading this book as much as we have enjoyed preparing it. We hope that the students of Pharmacy will receive this book favoring as an effective competitive examination book and we sincerely hope that the book will go a long way to satisfy the long-felt need of students for a friendly book in competitive exams.


Contents -

1. BP101T - Human Anatomy and Physiology I [HAP I]
2. BP102T - Pharmaceutical Analysis I [Analysis I]
3. BP103T - Pharmaceutics I [Ceutics I]
4. BP104T - Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry [Inorg Chem]

About The Author

Mr. Tejas Ganatra had completed his Masters in Pharmacology (with First rank in Saurashtra region while Fourth rank in Gujarat Technology University). Presently, he is working as an Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, RK University. He has more than 9 years of teaching experience, and during this academic journey, he has guided more than 30 Research scholars. Currently 8 research scholars are working on various projects of Pharmacology. He is also a lifetime member of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS). He is an active member of the Reviewer Team of UGC care listed journals as well as himself has 35 publications in his portfolio. He has also offered a hands-on training on Biochemistry, as well as regularly taking expert lectures for GPAT like competitive exams in various institutes of Saurashtra.

Dr. Ravi Ajudia, during his Masters, the author received first place in his branch from his university, completing his Ph.D. and Masters in Quality Assurance. He has a deep interest in analytical instruments and is an active trouble-shooter. He is also a lifelong learner with his skills in the analytical sector with experience of more than 5 years in teaching and research.

Dr. Dharmik Mehta, Despite many professional designations as a teacher, as a researcher, as a guide and son on, during his professional career of more than 11 years, the author has always preferred to remain a lifelong learner. With his expertise gained during his professional journey, he is working for enrichment of the Pharmacy fields with his dedicated holistic efforts. The idea of preparing this MCQs book series was coined as a part of it.

Mr. Nitin Solanki has teaching experience of 5 years and expertise in Chemistry (Inorganic and Organic). He is GPAT qualified in 2011. Right now, he is a research scholar.

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