The Art and Science of Effective Mediation

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

Mediation has been a part of conflict resolution in human relations since time immemorial and has evolved with civilizations. Mediation, as an ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) tool, is increasingly popular and widely used, even though the practice varies from one country to another mainly due to the cultural and legal differences existing in each jurisdiction. The process of mediation empowers self-determination while enabling the disputing parties an exceptional insight to each other's viewpoints. It is cost-effective, confidential, voluntary and less time-consuming as compared to other dispute resolution processes.

The authors draw on their decade and a half of work in mediation training, practice, research and assessment to present a comprehensive account of what it takes to be an effective mediator. This edition offers an overview of the field of mediation by acknowledging that it is both a "science" (the theory) and an "art" (the practice). The absorbing insights in this book include:

- an outline of the dispute resolution landscape in addition to the principles, phases and different styles of mediation.
- a new and clearer presentation of the theory and practices providing a mediator's toolkit (questioning techniques, reading non-verbal body language, etc.), clarifying the various nuances and concepts of negotiation and revealing the use of subtle techniques of influence and persuasion during the mediation process.
- a persuasive insight into research-based techniques on managing emotions, understanding the different frames (cognitive shortcuts) and learning the art of reframing in mediation.
- a vivid picture of the various biases experienced during mediation and how to minimize them while also drawing upon the immense potential of apology and forgiveness in the mediation process.
- a deeper dive in mediation through the prism of diversity, pluralism and cultural competence, while also understanding why some mediation fail or 'impasse' (deadlocks) occur (functional, emotional and process) and the strategies to deal with them along with some tips on how to reflect upon and learn from them. Ethics plays an important role in mediation. It works as a trust factor on which both the parties to a dispute rely. The concept of Mediator Ethics is discussed in this context.
- a comprehensive personal guide on how to increase authentic gravitas invaluable for a mediator's success. The essentials of conducting successful online (virtual) mediation to help mediators align themselves with the changing times.

This book is comprehensive, all-inclusive with references to the latest research findings and will be a treasure trove for amateurs just beginning their mediation careers as well as seasoned mediators who wish to sharpen their skills. The book can be successfully used for self-instruction and as a training manual for students, HR professionals and business leaders.


Contents -

1. Dispute Resolution Landscape
2. Styles of Mediation
3. Procedures and Principles of Mediation
4. Phases of Mediation
5. A Mediator's Toolkit
6. Managing Emotions in Mediation
7. Influencing and Persuasion Techniques in Mediation
8. Negotiation Concepts and Skills
9. The Art of Framing and Reframing in Mediation
10. Overcoming Bias in Mediation
11. Mediation through the Prism of Diversity, Pluralism and Cultural Competence
12. Dealing with Deadlocks and Failed Mediation
13. The Power of Apology and Forgiveness
14. Developing a Confident Assertive Personal Mediator Presence
15. Mediator Ethics
16. Online Mediation

About The Author

Farida Virani is currently the Head of Department and Professor of Human Resources and Behavioural Sciences at a reputed Business School in Mumbai, India. Her corporate and academic leadership experiences span over two-and-a-half decades. She has a Ph.D. in Management, Masters in Human Resources Development and Post-Graduate Certifications in Training & Development and Management of Education. She is a CEDR – UK Certified Mediator and a Certified Mediation Trainer for the International Conciliation and Arbitration Board. A recipient of various recognitions, she was awarded the ‘Best Management Faculty’ for her outstanding contribution to Teaching and Education, by the Higher Education Forum (HEF) in 2012, Distinguished Educator and Scholar Award by National Federation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED) in 2016 and Teaching-Training Quality Excellence Award bestowed jointly by Indian Quality Assurance Council (IQAC) and Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) in 2021. An internationally recognized Corporate Trainer and Speaker, her deep passion for storytelling, combined with her insights in Behavioural Sciences and HRM inspires a fresh wave of personal empowerment and life mastery that has lead to individuals doing their best work, teams providing outstanding results and organizations becoming unbeatable. She is an author of numerous research papers, journal articles, book chapters, newspaper contributions and working papers.

Mohammad Ashraf Ramji is an attorney in Houston with over 26 years experience. He is the Principal in several residential and commercial real estate development projects. Mr. Ramji has served in several non-profit organizations including the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, and the Houston Community College, and is a Member of the Arts and Culture Advisory Board to the Mayor of Houston. He has extensive volunteer service within the Ismaili community. Previously, he was a Chair and Member of National Council Arbitration Board, U.S.A. and a Chair of Southwest Regional Council Arbitration Board. He is a Certified Mediation Trainer for the International Conciliation and Arbitration Board. Mr. Ramji received a Bachelors degree from the University of Texas at Austin, a Masters of Science degree from Iowa State University, a JD "Doctor of Jurisprudence" from South Texas College of Law, and a Masters of Law from the University of Houston. He is also the recipient of the Association for Conflict Resolutions Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of mediation and training.

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