International Business (Text and Cases)

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Book Edition : Fifth

Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

The recent globalisation, liberalisation, information technology revolutions, establishment of new international institutions World Trade Organisation and competition brought paradigm shifts in international business in terms of direction, scope and volume. The enlarged international business influenced the economies, cultures, societies and politics of various countries phenomenally.

This book is to provide all latest developments to the readers and enable them to understand concepts, theories, principles and latest developments of international business. This in turn helps readers to acquire new knowledge and skills which would enable them to have better understanding of international business. This text will be useful to students as practicing managers at different levels in various business organisations. This book is also useful to executives and managers of all kind of organisations like business organisations, public organisations, social organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs), political organisations and religious organisations.

The fourth edition of the books covers all significant and recent areas of International Business.

Distinctive Features of the Book :
• Learner-Friendly Approach
• Wide and Comprehensive coverage
• Integrated presentation of the text with boxes, figures, exhibits and tables
• Refreshing modes like points to be remembered, key words and questions
• Numerous examples
• Presents Methods of Case Analysis, Cases and Management Games
• Customised and Lucid Language; and
• On-line student and teacher manuals


Contents :

1. International Business : An Overview
2. Theories of International Trade
3. International Business Environment
4. Country Evaluation and Selection
5. Modes of Entering International Business
6. Foreign Direct Investment
7. Globalisation
8. World Trade Organisation
9. Multinational Corporations
10. Conflicts and Negotiations In International Business
11. International Trade : Policies and Relations
12. Trade Blocks and Business Centres
13. International Business : Size and Growth
14. Global Strategic Management and Business Ethics
15. International Accounting
16. International Finance and Foreign Exchange
17. Balance of Payments (Special Reference to India)
18. International Financial Institutions and Liquidity
19. International Marketing
20. Foreign Trade Procedures
21. International Production and Logistics Management
22. International Human Resource Management
23. Controlling and Evaluation of International Business
24. E-Business vis-a-vis International Business
25. Future of International Business : Special Emphasis on India and China
26. Case Studies

About The Author

Prof. Pulapa Subba Rao is from Vangalapudi, near Rajahmundry, AP, India and has acquired Ph.D. degree in Commerce and Management area from Andhra University and has taught various courses in the areas of Commerce and Management. He is a teacher, researcher, trainer, consultant, academic administrator and author in the areas of commerce, business and management, with a blend of national and international systems and cultures. He worked as Vice-Chancellor, Millennium University, Blantyre, Republic of Malawi and Oriental University, Indore, India. He worked earlier as Pro Vice-Chancellor, Director-Academic Audit and Founding Professor of Business Administration, the University of Papua New Guinea and Professor, Dean and Head, SK Institute of Management, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapur, AP, India. He also worked at the University of Asmara, Eritrea, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthinilayam, and PG Department of Commerce, Sir CRR College, Eluru, AP, India.

He was the recipient of National Merit Scholarship from the Government of India, ‘Meritorious Teacher, Award from the Government of AP, India, Best Paper Award and Member of the Order of the LOGOHU Award from the Government of Papua New Guinea for the service to the community and Higher Education through contributing to teaching, research and community out-reach.

He was the President of India Association of PNG Inc. during 2005-06. He has been a Fellow and a Member of Executive Council of various professional organisations in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

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