Retail Management

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

This book "Retail Management" is written to fulfill the expectations of both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Business Administration. There are five chapters in this book. The first chapter deals with global retailing − challenges and opportunities, retail trends in India and abroad. Socio-economic and technological implications are explained vividly. Inclusion of recent retail policy is the special feature of this book.

Organized and unorganized retail formats are listed with latest facts and figures in the second chapter. This chapter also highlights the role of MNCs in organized retail formats, and the emerging trends in different organized retail formats with illustrations and with diagrams.

The third chapter defines and discusses about retail formats, selection of retail location, internal and external atmospherics, positioning of retail shops, building retail store image, retail supply chain management and retail pricing decisions. The current scenario retail service quality management is presented lucidly.

The fourth chapter throws bright light on visual merchandise management, space management, and retail inventory management. Accounting and auditing in retail store management are explained and various types of retail brands both at national and international level are elaborately discussed. Retail advertising and promotion strategies are enumerated with their merits and demerits. The recent trends in online retailing and retail management system are analyzed with facts and figures.

In the last chapter, retail shopper behaviour, factors influencing shopping behaviour, customer profile, shopping decision process and retail sales force management are elucidated in detail. Customer complaints and challenges in retailing form part of the content of this chapter. At the end, case studies are given to understand the realities in the retail world.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Retail Formats
3. Retailing Decision
4. Retail Shop Management
5. Retail Shopper Behaviour
Case Study

About The Author

Dr. A. Mustafa, Professor, Engg. College & Tech., Dindigual 624005, Institute of Management Studies, RVS Tamil Nadu State is a versatile genius who has authored more than 40 books in the field of Management Science and Economics. His forty-five years of collegiate teaching service help him to write this book which will certainly delight the students, staff and scholars in the academic arena. He is a multi degree holder with multifaceted talents to deal with any topic in-depth. He is a recipient of Best Teacher Award, Best Educationalist Award, Life Time Achievement Award and ICSSR fellowship. 

He has an excellent academic track record in his academic life. He was awarded Ph.D. as early as 1985. He received Proficiency First Prize in the University Examinations held in April/May 1969. He received Proficiency First Prize in the University Second Rank in Diploma in Gandhian Thought and Third Rank in the Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism (Madurai Kamaraj University). He is well known for his oratory and writing skills. Earlier, he served as the Principal of Syed Hameedha Arts & Science College and Director of Sathak Institute of Management, Mohamed Sathak Engg. College at Kilakarai - 623 806.

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