20th Century World and India through the Lens of Reporters and Photo Journalists – A Mass Media Perspective

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

The book has been written for students of Mass Communication and Media. The learning objectives include presenting events that have been powered by masses and mass media tools. Much of what we know today has been recorded by photo journalists and ordinary people who rose to do extraordinary things. An attempt has been made to discuss these epoch-making moments of history through the lens and pens of such reporters.

Propaganda and manufactured news helped drive war efforts. The book traces the use of jingoistic posters, superhero comics and cartoons to whip up nationalistic fervor during the two world wars.

Movements that have been birthed by new age media tools and media personalities such as Arab Spring and the Me-Too Movement find mention. Certain national and international environmental and socio-cultural movements spearheaded by authors and activists have been covered.

The challenges and opportunities of Modern India speak of the wars that India faced with its neighbors since partition, the role played by several journalists in recording history and maintaining records such as the Henderson Report and India’s first televised war at Kargil in 1999 have been included. The scope covers cross-border terrorism and impact of media right up to the Balakot strike. The book is peppered with interesting anecdotes from the advertising industry and the journalistic world. Reference links are included after every chapter to acknowledge the sources of information and for those who are interested in understanding more.


Contents -

1. World War-I and Propaganda
2. Allied Propaganda – World War-II
3. The Nazi Propaganda
4. The Radio Propaganda of Germany and Japan
5. Human Rights Violations by the Nazi and Japanese Armies
6. Diary of Anne Frank
7. The African Famine
8. Pol Pot – The Killing Fields of Cambodia
9. India and The Refugee Crisis
10. Tiananmen Square Massacre – Role of Photo Journalists in Recording this Event
11. Apartheid
12. Arab Spring
13. Environmental Movements Powered by People
14. MeToo Campaign
15. The Sino-India War – 1962: The Reasons for the Defeat of India – The Henderson Report
16. Creation of Bangladesh: India-Pakistan War 1971
17. The Kargil War 1999 – India vs. Pakistan
18. Terrorism
19. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization and its Impact on India's Socio-economic and Cultural Scenario

About The Author

Preethi Rao comes with both corporate and academic experience. Having started her career as a Public Relations Officer with a leading electronics firm she moved into the academic world fuelled by her intense passion to engage with young minds. Since 2011 the author has been the Coordinator of the Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication at Nagindas Khandwala College, Mumbai and is also its Career Development and Placement Officer from 2010. Preethi Rao was awarded the National AKS Education Award for the Outstanding Coordinator of the year for her contributions in her core area of activity and team management skills.

She is the author of the book, "20th Century World and India through the Lens of Reporters and Photo Journalists" which holds interesting anecdotes and writes of important milestones of our world from the perspective of photo journalists and reporters. This was published in August 2022.

Preethi Rao holds an M.A. and M.Phil. degree in History from the Madras University and brings with her over 28 years of classroom experience. The author has served as a resource person and has been a subject expert for the Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication, University of Mumbai between 2011 and 2016. She is invited by several educational institutions and book publishers to deliver training workshops for both teacher facilitators of History as well as for student learners. The common thread through these endeavors has been to make both teaching and learning a meaningful exchange of thoughts and experiences that will translate into effective action.

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