Advertising and Sales Promotion (Sem 6, Mumbai Univ)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2022

No. Of Pages : 104

About The Book

With increase in competition from national and international players in the market, Sales Promotion has become imperative in any promotion decision of a company. While Advertising helps to attract attention, Sales Promotion helps close a sale. In the present context of pandemic and online shopping too, the consumer is spoilt for choice over product options available to them and is also under a deluge of media platforms that call out at every customer contact point to sell a product. In view of the above, just attracting the attention and creating awareness will not suffice. A push is needed to get products sold and tried by the consumer.

As a student of Mass Media specializing in Advertising, students need to be aware of the various promotion tools.

The subject "Advertising and Sales Promotion" was introduced in the revised BAMMC syllabus 2019 with the following objectives:
– Students should be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the major sales promotion concepts,
– Use a framework to make effective sales promotion decisions, and
– Adopt the necessary skills and point of view of an effective sales promotion campaign.

This book covers all the topics prescribed in the syllabus with the latest examples in order for students to achieve the objectives of the subject. The book begins with an introduction to the concept of sales promotion and its reach and scope. The book describes the various sales promotion theoretical concepts with their contemporary application. In order to design a successful campaign, the learner needs to understand the various aspects of consumer psychology which are illustrated with relevant examples.

Sales promotion can have long-term and short-term impact on a company's sales and reputation. The same has been covered in detail with the latest relatable examples in the market. Considering the profile of the learners and their media consumption habits, relevant examples from the learner's point of view and experience have been incorporated extensively.

The syllabus mandates a discussion on various case studies which has been incorporated from the most recent in the field, with an intention to use examples which the learners can relate to.

This book is an attempt to make the subject relatable and easy to understand.


Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Theories in Sales Promotion
3. The Psychological Theories Behind Sales Promotion
4. Methods of Consumer Oriented Sales Promotion
5. Methods of Trade Oriented Sales Promotion
6. Methods of Sales Force Oriented Sales Promotion
7. Study and Analyse Sales Promotion Campaign of the Major Brands
8. Predicting Sales Promotion Effects
9. Steps in Designing of Sales Promotion Campaign
10. Coordination Sales Promotion & Advertising
11. Sales Promotion Abuse

About The Author

Kalpana Rai Menon, PGDM, MA, MBA, is pursuing Ph.D. in Marketing Management from Mumbai University. She is Assistant Professor and HOD, Department of Mass Media and Communication Skills, S.M. Shetty College, Mumbai. She has 13 years of teaching experience, specializing in Marketing related subjects (Branding, Advertising and Marketing). She has published research papers in national and international journals.

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