The Unwritten Code: A Students Handbook to Professional Etiquette

ISBN Number : 978-93-5596-048-1

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2022

No. Of Pages : 70

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About The Book

This book emerged from my seventeen years of association with undergraduate Commerce students wanting to be equipped with human relations etiquette as they leave the institute and embrace professional life. My initial motivation was to address students who approached me with a request to aid them develop communication skills, dwelving deeper, only to realise that facets of professional etiquette was the actual requirement. I have been trying to help and gave them considerable guidance about what I considered appropriate advice about professional etiquette. Having trouble as to provide a onestop solution guidelines to the various facets of etiquette, this book fills that gap.

Are you a student who is about to embark on the new job you have been recruited in a multinational organization who feels that you should brush up on etiquette that is globally expected? If yes, this book is written for you. Do you know that fear of embarrassment of doing or saying the wrong thing is one of the most common sources of stress in a business or professional setting? If you have had some awkward moments where you aren't sure which fork to use or which side of the plate is yours or if you have ever had to make small talk with an executive and been lost for words you know just how agonising such moments can be. However, what can be even more damaging to your career are those things you aren’t aware of, the social gaffes you aren't even aware of making.

In this book, you can be reassured that you can handle most of those socially difficult moments, and perhaps, give you that extra edge in areas that you have never thought of before.


Contents -

1. Networking Etiquette
2. Surviving the Job Interview
3. Workplace Etiquette
4. Email Etiquette
5. Netiquette
6. Social Media Etiquette
7. Culture and Etiquette

About The Author

Dr. Jennifer Dsouza is a Professor of Business Communication at Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, where she has taught since 2004. Prior to that, she has taught Communication Skills and Presentation and Communication Techniques to Engineering students for five years. Having completed her Doctorate in English Language Acquisition, she qualified the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) Certification from World Tesol Academy, UK. She has written articles on the Acquisition of Grammatical Skills in ESL. Her 21 years of teaching Professional Communication Skills was a rich ground for excavating need-based areas for efficient development of business communication skills.

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