An Introduction to Business Economics

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

Business decision-making has become extremely complex task due to ever growing complexity of business world and business environment in present situation. The basic function of business managers is to take appropriate decision on business matters, to manage and organize resources, and to make optimum use of available resources with the objective of achieving the business goals. Business Economics helps in equipping prospective and present managers with economic concepts, economic theories, tools and techniques of economic analysis applied to business decision-making.

The book "An Introduction to Business Economics" is divided into 19 units, broadly two parts – Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Demand and estimation of demand, Cost and Production Functions, Market Structure, Theory of Firm and Theory of Profit, National Income, Inflation and Employment, and Balance of Payments are the major components of this book which presents comprehensive view of business economics in general and specialized microeconomics and macroeconomics view in particular. MCQs and Model Question Paper based on UGC Guidelines are making this book unique with respect to development of uplifting students' knowledge at higher level. High Order Thinking Questions (HOTQs) are included to evaluate student's analytical skill.


Contents -

1. Managerial Economics: An Introduction
2. Theory of Demand
3. Elasticity of Demand and Demand Estimates
4. Demand Forecasting
5. Production Function
6. Cost Concepts and Analysis
7. Market Structure
8. Pricing Under Different Market Conditions
9. Price Discrimination
10. Pricing Strategies
11. Economic Theory of A Firm
12. Behavioural Theory of A Firm
13. Managerial Theory of A Firm
14. Theory of Profit
15. Circular Flow of Economic Activities
16. National Income
17. Economic Growth and Development
18. Theory of Inflation and Employment
19. Balance of Payments
20. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
21. High Order Thinking Questions (Micro Economics)
22. Model Question Paper

About The Author

Dr. Binod Kumar Sinha is a Professor at the Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Sri Balaji University, Pune where he teaches B2B Marketing, Brand Management and Strategic Management courses. He is Ph.D. in Commerce and Management from Berhampur University, Berhampur. He also has MBA in Marketing from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi and Bachelor in Science from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agriculture University, PUSA. He is Research Guide of Research Centre, Sri Balaji University, Pune. He has vast experience of 18 years of teaching MBA students. He has presented and published several research papers in UGC-CARE Journals.

Dr. Deepthi K.S. is an experienced researcher with a background in Consumer Behaviour, Market Research and Economics. She is presently working as Assistant Professor at Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM) of Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP). Prior to that, she was assisting the Economics department in IIM Kozhikode. She was awarded Ph.D. in Economics by the University of Kerala in December, 2020. She has published various research articles and presented research papers in both International and National Conferences/Seminars.

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