Research Methodology - A Skill-based Guide

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

Research refers to careful analysis of the problems and designing solution to address the problem. Research is important for the students because it enhances knowledge, clarifies confusion, develops critical thinking skills, improves lateral thinking and helps in designing solutions.

This book aims to invoke the interest of research among students. The skill-based book helps you to realise that research is an integral part of life and that we carry it in our daily life. The content of the book aims at developing critical thinking skills with an approach of 3Ds:

Define a problem accurately
Design a solution
Deliver business outcomes.

The language used is simple, so that target students can understand the subject with just reading, unlike other books that require multiple readings.

The book will help the students to complete their internship and write their reports successfully. The example used throughout the book are contemporary business problems, which will provide students immense learning.


Contents -

Chapter 1
1.1 Foundations of Research
1.2 Language of Research
1.3 Research Process
1.4 Research Proposal
Chapter 2
2.1 Literature Review
2.2 Research Design
2.3 Qualitative Research Approach – Exploratory Research Design
2.4 Descriptive Research Design
2.5 Experiment Design Concept of Cause
Chapter 3
3.1 Measurement and Scaling Concepts
3.2 Attitude Measurement Scales
3.3 Data and Types of Data
3.4 Questionnaire Design
Chapter 4
4.1 Sampling Basic Concepts
Chapter 5
5.1 Hypothesis Testing and Test of Significance
5.2 Data Analysis – Description Analysis
5.3 Testing the Goodness of Measures
5.4 Association or Correlation Tests
5.5 Test of Significance
5.6 Principal Components Analysis

About The Author

Dr. Rajeshwari Patil is NET qualified and holds a Ph.D. in Management from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune (India). 15 plus years of experience in teaching has contributed immensely to skill enhancement as lecturer, mentor, and corporate interface enabler.

Currently, she is the Deputy Director of Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development, Sri Balaji University Pune. She also holds additional responsibilities as Associate Professor (HR) with rich teaching experience in Business Research Methods, Compensation Management, Social Research Methodology, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. Dr. Patil is a recognized Guide and Member of the Board of Studies (PM&HR). She has more than 25 papers published in national and international journals of repute.

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