History of Modern Europe - I (c. 1780-1880) (Sem V, Odisha Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2022

No. Of Pages : 220

About The Book

This text book titled as "History of Modern Europe - I (c. 1780-1880)". It is prepared for the students of History Hons'. as per the new common CBCS Syllabus (2019-20) designed for all colleges and universities of Odisha. Still, this book is very helpful for common students those who want to acquire knowledge in history or preparing for competitive examinations. This book may also be useful for the students of other universities across India.

The book focuses on 100 years of history of Modern Europe from 1780 to 1880. Starting from the French Revolution which was a turning point in the socio-political field of Europe, it goes through the topics like Rise of Napoleon and Restoration of Conservative Order by Metternich, Radical Movements through July Revolution of 1830 and February Revolution of 1848, Industrial Revolution in Europe and Formation of Germany and Italy.

Chapterisation of this book is student-friendly and as per the new syllabus. Language of the content is very simple and lucid as a common student can easily grasp and appear for the examination. The book beautifully describes the content with attractive images, head points and bullets. For students' understanding, summary and model questions are given after every chapter. LMR (Last Minutes Revision) and Sets of Questions will help in preparing students for the examinations.

In preparing this book, I referred both classical as well as contemporary books and different web sources pertaining to the topics of the book. A lot of care was taken in writing content to make the language easy and sweet as per the need of common students.

I hope, this book will surely be very useful to both students and teachers and fulfill their needs.


Contents -

Unit - 1: The French Revolution (1789)
1. Socio, Religious, Economic and Political Conditions
2. Intellectual Currents
3. Role of Middle Classes
Unit - 2: Revolution and its European Repercussions
4. National Constituent Assembly
5. National Legislative Assembly
6. Napoleonic Consolidation - Reforms and Empire
Unit - 3: Restoration and Revolution (c. 1815 - 1848)
7. Congress of Vienna Restoration of Old Hierarchies
8. Revolutionary and Radical Movements - (A) July Revolution (1830) and (B) February Revolution (1848)
Unit - 4: Socio-economic Transformation and Remaking of States (Late 18th Century to Late 19th Century)
9. Process of Capitalist Development: Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions in England and German States
10. Evolution of Social Classes: Land Owners, Peasantry, Bourgeoisie and Proletariat
11. Popular Movements and the Formation of National Identities in Germany, Italy and Ireland
Multiple Choice Questions
Model Question Papers Sets
Last Minute Revision

About The Author

Mr. Harekrushna Behera is an M.A. (Utkal), M.Phil, NET in History, B.Ed. and MBA (Human Resources). Presently, he is working as a Lecturer in History in Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Baisinga, Odisha.

He has long years of teaching experiences in colleges and CBSE educational institutions since 2000. He is the author of many articles published in different national magazines and journals. For teaching excellence, he received four National Awards such as IDA Teaching Award (2017), S. Chand Award (2016), Dr. Zakir Hussain Award (2011), and Gyanodaya Award (2008).

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