Savings and Investment in Rural India

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About The Book

Savings and its investment in rural areas can be done in formal as well as informal finance. Financial inclusion in terms of provision of formal financial services to the rural poor is an important pre-requisite for the economic development of the State in general and rural areas in particular. But the fact is that penetration of this sector is very poor in the rural areas of the State. It thereby influences the development of informal financial sector. From the point of view of the rural people, both the formal and informal financial system is important. Like most other backward regions, the indigenous informal sector in the country consists largely of households and small-scale enterprises that operate outside the formal financial system.

The present book entitled `Savings and Investment in Rural India` is based on the study of savings and investment pattern in rural areas which has tried to identify some of the important issues relating to the economic development of rural areas. Though the study has been confined to the state of Manipur, the findings shall be equally applicable to all over the country. The author has carried out the message of trend of economic development in micro level, which can also be widened to macro level. The findings of the present study will help policymakers to formulate economic policy for the socio-economic development of rural India. At the same time, the present findings derived from the study will immensely help the various financial institutions working in the various States to formulate their investment policy in agro-based rural economy.

Contents :

I. Pattern of Rural Savings and its Investment
II. Socio-economic Profile of Manipur
III. Formal Rural Savings and its Investment
IV. Informal Rural Savings and its Investment
V. Findings of the Study and Suggestions

About The Author

 Dr. Elangbam Nixon Singh is presently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Management. Mizoram Central University, Aizawl. He has contributed many articles and research papers in referred journals and books of social sciences, apart from presenting a number of papers at various national and international conferences. Dr. Singh has published two books, one on `Small-scale Industries and Entrepreneurship` and the other on `Industrial Sickness in Manipur - Causes and Remedies`. At present, he is an Associate Editor of `Management Convergence`, an international journal of management, published by the Department of Management, Mizoram University, Aizawl. His areas of interest are Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Finance and Accounting.

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