Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

Supply chains are the integrated and co-ordinated flows of goods from source to destination, as well as the information and money flows associated with it.

Supply chain management aims at maximising the value contribution to the customer while simultaneously optimising infrastructural and operational costs of the supply chains.

Logistics and supply chain management are closely related concepts which have been integrated and developed as a proven business strategy to meet the increasing demands for quality, delivery and speed.

Supply chain management consists of firms collaborating to leverage strategic positioning and to improve operating efficiency. In contrast, logistics is the activity required to move and position inventory throughout a supply chain. As such, logistics is a subset of supply chain management and occurs within the broader framework of a supply chain.

Logistics and supply chain management are necessary cornerstones of competitive strategy, increased market share and shareholder value for most organisations in the 21st century. Managing supply chains beyond company boundaries is increasingly generating competitive advantage in many industries. Co-ordinating the production systems of suppliers and customers is the key to meeting today`s evolving customer demands-demands which focus not just on product quality but also on speed, delivery reliability and service level.

This book is written as comprehensively as possible and organised into 21 chapters dealing with major aspects of logistics management as well as supply chain management. Students who are planning to pursue a career in business will benefit form a clear understanding of the field of logistics and supply chain management because the present era is the era of "supply chain competition".

The salient features of this book are :
- Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter which provide students with an overall perspective of the chapter material.
- Exhibits and box illustrations which add value to the reading material presented.
- Snapshots of logistics and supply chain management at annexure I.
- Short cases at annexures II which expose students to practical real life situations.
- Review questions at the end of each chapter which allow students to recollect what the


Contents :

1. Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management
2. Demand Management and Customer Service
3. Customer Service Dimensions
4. Logistics Planning and Strategy
5. Logistics System Design and Administration
6. Integrated Logistics Activities
7. Measuring Logistics Costs and Performance
8. Strategic Integrated Logistics Management
9. Benchmarking the Supply Chain
10. Designing the Supply Chain Network
11. Supply Chain Planning and Implementation
12. Order Processing and Information Systems
13. Supply Chain Planning and Strategies
14. Organisation and Control in a Supply Chain
15. Purchasing and Supply Chain Decisions
16. Co-ordination and Information Technology in a Supply Chain
17. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
18. Supply Chain Performance Measurement
19. Supply Chain Performance
20. Current Issues in Supply Chain Management
21. Supply Chain Challenges for the Future
Annexure I : Snapshots of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Annexure II : Case Studies

About The Author

K. Shridhara Bhat, a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with postgraduate diploma in Industrial Management and Master`s degree in Business Administration is currently engaged in part-time teaching as a visiting professor and consultancy in the field of management education and industry.

Earlier, he worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Management Studies, East Point College of Engineering and Technology and BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore during the period of 1994 to 2005.

Before taking up teaching profession, he served Bharat Electronics for a period of about 26 years in the areas of Production and Operations Management, Materials Management, Research and Development, Human Resource Management, etc.

He has authored books in subjects such as – Production and Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Materials Management, Inventory Management, Business Process Reengineering, Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques, Management and Behavioural Processes, World-class Manufacturing, Logistics Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc.

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