Marketing Management

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Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

The book covers all the major marketing concepts which a student requires to understand how the business arena operates. The contents of the book are curated carefully by seasoned teachers of the subjects. The concepts are accompanied by appropriate examples and short case studies for better assimilation. The strength of the book lies in the fact that its contents align perfectly with the industry-prescribed syllabus for the Marketing students. Thus, the book sufficiently enables the future managers to gain knowledge and expertise in the marketing spectrum.


Contents -

1. Fundamentals of Marketing
Dr. Sapna Modi
2. Types of Marketing
Dr. Arpita Pandey
3. Value and Satisfaction
Dr. Sapna Modi
4. Strategic Planning in Marketing
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan
5. Portfolio Analysis in Marketing
Prof. Jagruti Gijare
6. Analyzing Marketing Environment – Local, Global and Glocal
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan
7. Competition Analysis
Prof. Jagruti Gijare
8. Market Segmentation
Dr Sangeeta Trott
9. Market Targeting and Positioning
Dr. Sangeeta Trott
10. Consumer Behavior
Dr. Veni Nair
11. Introduction to Marketing Mix
Dr. B V Jayanthi
12. Pricing
Dr. Prashant Gupta
13. Promotion: Managing Mass and Personal Communications
Dr. B V Jayanthi
14. Place: Designing and Managing Marketing Channels
Dr B V Jayanthi

About The Author

Dr. Lakshmi Mohan

Dr. B V Jayanthi

Dr. Sapna Modi

Dr Sangeeta Trott

Prof. Jagruti Gijare

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