Textbook of Pharmacy Practice

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Pharmacy Practice is one of the subjects in B.Pharmacy course, which focuses on various roles played by the pharmacist under his/her profession. This subject trained undergraduate students on various areas of Pharmacy practice that includes compounding and dispensing of medicaments along with understanding the pathological process and control of medications and drugs. It also gives knowledge to maintain a good relation between physician, patient, nurse and pharmacist for better therapeutical treatment and wellness of the society. The primary aim of Pharmacy Practice is to provide optimal health services with effective and safe use of drugs.

This book aims to train pharmacists with knowledge about the concepts that are essential for delivering efficient healthcare services. This book contains a balanced mix of content, current scenario, tables, charts, useful references and website links for better understanding of concepts.

The book entitled "Textbook of Pharmacy Practice" has been compiled by Pharmacy professionals and the content of the book has been prepared in a comprehensive manner that helps the undergraduate students of Pharmaceutical Science easily understand the various concepts of the subject. The content of the book is as per the updated syllabus approved by "Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi".

This textbook is organised under five units that contains all relevant information in an eloquent manner. First unit focuses on organisation of hospital, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy and adverse drug reactions. Second unit focuses on basics of hospital management which includes drug distribution, hospital formulary, medication adherence and patient medication history review and giving knowledge on community pharmacy management. Third unit focuses on services and skills maintained for hospital management which includes pharmacy therapeutic committee, drug information services, patient counselling, education and training programmes in hospital as well as prescribed medication order and communication skills of pharmacists. Fourth unit focuses on budget preparation and its implementation along with important aspects of clinical pharmacy and over-the-counter sales. Last unit five focuses on drug store management, investigational use of drugs and interpretation of lab tests.


Contents -

1. Hospital and its Organization
2. Hospital Pharmacy and its Organization
3. Adverse Drug Reaction
4. Drug Interaction
5. Community Pharmacy
6. Drug Distribution System
7. Hospital Formulary
8. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)
9. Medication Adherence
10. Patient Medication History Interview
11. Community Pharmacy Management
12. Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee (PTC)
13. Drug Information Services
14. Patient Counselling
15. Education and Training Program in the Hospital
16. Prescribed Medication Order and Communication Skills
17. Budget Preparation and Implementation
18. Clinical Pharmacy
19. Over the Counter (OTC) Sales
20. Drug Store Management and Inventory Control
21. Investigational Use of Drugs
22. Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Tests

About The Author

Ms. Isha Singh worked as Assistant Professor at Dreamz College of Pharmacy, Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh. She has 7 years of teaching experience. She has done B Pharmacy from BIS College of Pharmacy, Moga (Pb.) and MBA in Marketing and Human Resource from SASIIT&R Institution, Chandigarh (Pb.) under Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar (Pb.). She was appointed as guest lecturer for Continuing Pharmacy Education programme organized by Himachal Pradesh Pharmacy Council, Shimla, where she delivered lectures on Community Pharmacy and Self-medication. She published a book on Pharmaceutical Marketing Management for B Pharmacy students and during her tenure she mentored students for their project work.

Mr. Peeyush Kaushik is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy, Yamuna Nagar. His field of specialty is Pharmaceutics and completed his Master in Pharmaceutics from Lovely Professional University, Phagwara. He is pursuing Ph.D. from Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, India. He has 10 years of experience as an Assistant Professor and 5 Years in Industry as QA Executive experience. He has expertise in Method development and validation, Solubility enhancement and Formulation development. His field of expertise in research is Solubility enhancement and dissolution modification. He has guided around 25 masters students and published more than 20 research/review/book chapters in national and international journals. He also has 4 patent designs and 2 formulation patents and deligated more than 50 conferences/workshops/FDPs. He also has life membership of HSPC and IHPA.

Ms. Deepali Tomar is a Professor of Pharmacy at Geeta Institute of Pharmacy, Geeta University, Panipat, Haryana. Her field of specialty is Pharmaceutical Chemistry and completed his Master in Pharma Chemistry from Punjabi University, Patiala. She is pursuing Ph.D. Lords University, Alwar, Rajasthan, India. She has been teaching pharmacy graduation students from last 3 years. She has sound practical knowledge of various instruments, techniques and methods used during synthesis, separation, isolation and purification. She has published 6 research papers, 4 review articles, 7 blogs and contributes in 3 book chapters. She also has 2 patent and delegated many conferences/workshops. She is an enthusiastic, highly motivated person who eagerly wants to learn new technologies and methodologies.

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