Electronic Media - II (Sem 4, Mumbai Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5693-330-9

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 118

About The Book

This book is an amalgamation of various aspects of Electronic Media that will benefit Mass Media students along with anyone who is interested in knowing about the Broadcast media and the trends in media platform. The other group of readers who can take away from this book are professionals from the media industry, academia, and media agencies, as well as student groups.

Electronic Media II is an extension of Electronic Media I which provides detailed information on various aspects of the radio, television industry and functions of TRP and the future of the broadcast industry. This book highlights the trends of digital media and various developments in radio and television platforms.

This book brings forth some of the ways to practice writing for Broadcast media. A special insight on how to improve anchoring skills is also listed for individual improvement. Some of the idea generation techniques listed in the book can help budding writers in radio, TV and Cinema platforms to develop effective content suitable for various media platforms.


Contents -

1. Evolution and Growth of Radio and Television
2. Regional Channels
3. News and Other Non-fictional Formats
4. Writing for Broadcast Media (Radio and Television)
5. Current and Emerging Trends in Electronic Media

About The Author

Dr. Prasadhini Gautam, Ph.D. is a mother, writer, researcher, entrepreneur, trainer, comperer and an author. She is a Professor of Media Entertainment and Advertising at Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College and a Co-Author of the Anthology, "The Happiness Station" which is an affiliate of the spectrum of thoughts.

She has more than 2 decades of teaching experience in various streams related to marketing, communication, advertising, creative writing, copywriting, and has also been the Chief Editor and Creative Writer for many college magazines.

Dr. Prasadhini Gautam has been interested in teaching from her college days ever since she got the opportunity to be a part-time lecturer. Her approach towards teaching involves a lateral approach that easily connects to the students.

She is a certified soft skill and leadership trainer who has trained more than 1000+ students in her career.

Dr. Prasadhini Gautam has published various research papers covering a wide range of topics like bringing forth the difficulties of job sustainability for working women post pregnancy, green marketing to name a few.

She firmly believes that education has provided many opportunities to uplift the students and give back to the society.

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