Human Resource Analytics

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Data about individuals are analysed using an approach called HR analytics. Based on HR analytics, more qualified candidates are found quickly, and better hiring choices are made, which aids in the expansion of the business. Additionally, an HR analytics specialist can choose better options for moving people to various functions and enhancing the organization's future potential based on previous data. The books on HR Analytics go into many methods for hiring, evaluating, and spotting possible promotion candidates, among other things. The HR Analytics course will also develop new skills, practical experience with various projects, and much more.

This book on HR Analytics is an excellent resource with circumstances and examples that make it simple to understand. Thus, it is a simple introduction to HR Analytics. Additionally, it is an ideal location for most HR professionals to start. However, this offers a comprehensive practical approach to employing data, dealing with actual HR difficulties, and elucidates analytics with appropriate guidelines and recommendations.


Contents -

1. Basics of Business Analytics
2. Rise of Human Resource (HR) Analytics
3. Applications of HR Metrics and Creating HR Dashboards
4. Correlation and Regression for HR Analysis
5. HR Analytics Applications Using T-Test and Anova
6. HR Analytics Applications Using Regression
Case Studies

About The Author

Dr. Rekha N. Patil is working as an Assistant Professor in VTU Regional Centre, Kalaburagi. She has received Doctorate Degree in November 2012 from the Shivaji University, She has received Pre-Ph.D. in October 2009 from Shivaji University. She has received M.Phil. in April 2009 from Sri Venkateshwara University. She has completed MBA in May 2007 from Gulbarga University. She has completed M.Com. in June 2011 from Mysore State University and B.Com. Degree in April 1992 from the Shivaji University.

Mrs. Shilpa S. Hiregounder was working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of MBA (Exclusively for Women) in Shambasva University Kalaburagi. She has obtained B.E. in Computer Science from B.L.D.E.A. Engineering College, Bijapur. She has pursued MBA from R.V. Institute of Management, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. She has been teaching core subjects in Management Studies and in the area of Human Resource Management and Marketing Management for the last eight years. Currently, she is pursuing Ph.D. in Management from Visversvaraya Technological University, Belagavi. She has published over 26 research papers in various National, International journals, SCOPUS, conferences and One Patent. Additionally, she has attended more than 30 workshops, Faculty Development Programs, and webinars at National and International levels. As a dedicated researcher, she strives for excellence and quality in the academic endeavours.

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