Strategic Performance Management

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

The human resource is to be managed carefully because it is critical and difficult to manage and highly unpredictable. It differs not only from individual to individual but their appearance knowledge, capabilities, backgrounds, training and interest, etc. Therefore, human resource or a person at work is the most important component of the undertaking. Management cannot afford to ignore human resource at any cost. The highly competitive situation compels every organization to wake up and perform before and better than others. A high degree of competency is needed at levels of management and employees. So, the importance of talented and motivated manpower or human resources has been realized at management level. In present time, the need for higher performance and productivity has been felt. So, there should be focus of HR managers on performance management. Performance management maintains, develops and motivates the people at work to give better results. At present, the business environment is changing drastically and it is very turbulent. The companies have developed many strategies to meet the requirements of vision, mission and objectives of the companies. Out of many methods, strategic performance management is one of them. Meeting the critical requirements, strategic performance management concentrates on the various paths to be followed to achieve high employee satisfaction, performance efficiency and increased stakeholder value. Related to performance management to the academicians, practitioners, research scholars and students undergoing management programmes. This book has been authored to meet the requirements of management to attract, hire, train, utilize, motivate and retain the manpower so that the companies can get the competitive edge in the markets and stay competitive in their businesses. To develop the various concepts related to strategic performance management, productivity and performance appraisal, special care has been taken. If HR managers take proper care and implement various methods of strategic performance management's its future would be bright and more in demand.


Contents -

1. Strategic Performance Management
2. Performance Management
3. Performance Management Process
4. Performance Appraisal
5. Performance Appraisal Process and Methods
6. Management by Objective Method
7. 360-Degree Appraisal Method
8. Employees' Performance Counselling
9. Assessment Centre
10. Designing, Development and Managing Assessment Centre
11. Career Planning and Development
12. Best Performance Practices
13. Ethics in Performance Management Process
14. Technology in Performance Management
15. Strategic Performance Management for Teams
16. Role Analysis and Competency in Performance Management
17. Workforce Diversity and Overall Performance Development
18. Case Study
19. Annexure
20. Bibliography

About The Author

Dr. R.K. Balyan is B.E., M.B.A, MPM, PGDBA, M.A., LL.B. and Ph.D. He pursued his education in the field of Engineering, Management, Arts and Law from different universities across India. Finally, he completed his Doctorate degree in human resource development from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. He was working as Dean and Director at Indus University, Ahmedabad and Director at St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad. He has worked as President of National HRD Network, Ahmedabad chapter from 2009-2011. He is a professional member of All India Management Association, New Delhi. He started his career in defence services and further worked in IT industry for four years as a zonal head and later on changed over to education field. He is having vast experience in the field of telecommunication and commercial activities. During his jobs in defence and IT industry, he was a regular visiting faculty and guest speaker to the management institutes. He has total 46 years of experience to his credit and 26 years exclusively in teaching. He is having vast experience in administration, teaching and research field. He has been corporate trainer for the leading companies in past. His areas of specialization are Marketing, Human Resource Management, Production and Operations Management, Business Laws and Labour Laws. He has presented 40 papers in national and international seminars. Dr. Balyan authored 5 books in the field of management. He has guided nearly more than 100 students for research projects under various universities. He is working as an External Referee for Ph.D. and M.Phil. and examined nearly 30 students under different universities. He has guided 09 research scholars for award of Ph.D. degree so far.

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