Judgement Writing An art to be Mastered (In Civil Cases)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5693-966-0

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 136

About The Book

"Judgement Writing An art to be Mastered (In Civil Cases)" is a concise and valuable resource designed specifically for students preparing for judiciary examinations. This book focuses on the art of judgement writing in civil cases, providing practical guidance, tips, and techniques to enhance students' writing skills and maximise their chances of success in the exams.


Contents -

1. Judgment Writing as An Art
2. Judgment in Procedural Law and Stages
3. Stages in Civil Suit under Civil Procedure Code
4. Formats of Judgment
5. Guidelines of Supreme Court on How to Write a Judgment
6. Framing of Issues
7. Witness and their Credibility
8. Marshalling and Appreciation of Evidence
9. Burden of Proof
10. Guidelines for Solving Questions of Judgment Writing

About The Author

Dr. Bhanu Saxena is an Associate Professor in the Amity Law and Business School, Amity University, Mumbai (AUM). He holds a Ph.D. in Labour law, LLM, MBA, and B.Com. With over 16 years of teaching and 4 years of advocacy experience.

He has gained his expertise from his extensive research and participation in various national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, Quality Improvement Programmes, and Faculty Development Programmes. He has also been a research fellow of Indian Council of Social Science and Research, New Delhi. his Many of research papers have been published in numerous national and international journals. He has presented his research papers at many international conferences. For that, he has visited many foreign countries for attending such conferences.

Dr. Bhanu Saxenas expertise in the intersection of Law and Management has made him a valuable resource for businesses seeking to navigate complex legal issues while maintaining effective management practices. As an accomplished expert in both Law and Management, Dr. Saxena has a unique ability to provide holistic solutions that address both legal and business challenges.

Dr. Saxena has authored many books and other related contents in the field of Law and Management. Dr. Saxena has been involved in many individual and institutional level projects. With his vast knowledge and experience in the field of Law and Management, his books are sure to be a valuable asset to anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Dr. Avani Mistry is an accomplished legal expert and Assistant Professor at the Department of Law at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University in Navi Mumbai. With a Doctorate in Law, an LLM, and M.Com and a Diploma in Cyber Law. Her work experience as a Director of a Pvt. Ltd. Co. and Legal Advisor gives her a unique perspective in the academic field of law. Dr. Mistry is a prolific writer and has presented several papers at various National and International Seminars and Conferences. Her expertise makes her a valuable contributor to the legal community.

Her research work covers a wide range of topics, including Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law, and Commercial Law. Her work has been well received by her peers and has contributed significantly to the legal literature. Dr. Mistrys latest book on Legal Language is a valuable resource for law students, legal practitioners, and anyone interested in the field of law. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the language used in legal documents, contracts, and agreements, and the conventions and rules that govern the use of legal language. It is a comprehensive and complete guide that covers various aspects of the legal language, a valuable resource that will benefit readers throughout their legal career.

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