Himalaya Physics Wave Optics (Sem 2, BSc AP Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

This book "Wave Optics" is written for B.Sc., First Year (2nd Semester) students as per the new syllabus (Choice Based Credit System) w.e.f. : 2020-21 Academic Year, prescribed by APSCHE. The entire syllabus is divided into five units.

The first unit covers the basics of the Interference deals division of wavefront, interference in thin films, wedge shaped film, Newton's rings and Michelson interferometer.

The second unit deals with Diffraction of light, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, propagation of light in diffraction and zone plates.

The Third unit covers the concept of Polarization of light, types of methods in production of polarized light, quarter, half wave plates, optical activity and specific rotation.

The Fourth unit introduces Aberrations and Fibre Optics with types of aberrations, minimizing methods, types of fibre optic materials and communication.

The Fifth unit covers the basics of Lasers and Holography with laser principle, types lasers and principle, applications of holography.

The book thoroughly explains all relevant and important topics in a student-friendly manner. The language and approach towards understanding the fundamental topics of Physics is crystal clear. The book lays emphasis on explaining the principles as well as their applications.

The salient features of this book are that at the end of each unit including of solved problems, questions and previous question papers for all universities in Andhra Pradesh are added at the end of the entire syllabus. Certain additional information worth important was also added for the benefit of enthusiastic students and teachers too.


Contents -

1. Interference of Light
2. Diffraction of Light
3. Polarization of Light
4. Aberrations
5. Fibre Optics
6. Lasers
7. Holography
Question Papers

About The Author

Dr. Vijay Satya Prasad Yerramsetti, completed his postgraduation in Physics, Psychology and Journalism. He completed Ph.D. and M.Phil. also. He has been an enthusiastic lecturer for more than eight years. Besides all these, he is a gifted motivational speaker putting all his efforts to pave a right path to students by giving friendly counselling. He has been working as a Physics lecturer in Deepthi Degree College, Mamidikuduru since 2018. He has been HOD of Department of Physics and Electronics since 2020. His teaching methodologies are very easy to understand and encouraging even to students who put Physics at bay with fear. He works very hard, follows new techniques in teaching the subject and guides the students to achieve the best ranks. He has been working as journalist in the famous Daily news paper. He has full command both as script and storywriter. He has vast experience in writing articles on nature and its beauty. He published 9 research articles in International/National Journals. He has been in the field of textbooks - Electrical Appliances, Nano Materials, Electricity, Magnetism, Electronics, Modern Physics, Elements of Modern Physics, Wave Optics, etc. He received Ugadi Puraskar 2017, Best Professor Award 2021 (Indian Glory) New Delhi, Best HOD award 2023 (INSC), life member for international scholars, Bangalore.

Dr. Seelam Rajyalakshmi, currently working as a Assistant Professor, Head, Department of Physics – UCST, Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajamahendravaram. Convener, BOS (P.G), Coordinator, BOS (U.G), Adikavi Nannaya University. Executive Member and Regional Coordinator for the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). She contributed her Research in the field of Luminescence Applications on single crystals, Nano Phosphors. Published 5 patents (4 in Indian Patent Research (IPR) & 1 in Germany Utility patent). She published 40 research articles and 9 books, in International/National Journals. In recognition of her contribution, she achieved World Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records twice, Received Education Excellence Award, Women Researcher Award-2021, Best Crystal Display Award in 2017 by Indian Association for Crystal Growth (IACG), Tamil Nadu. Elected as a Fellow of The Society of Innovative Educationalist & Scientific Research Professional (FSIESRP) in August 2020. Awarded as Associate Fellow in A.P. Academy of Sciences, life member for International Institute of Organised Research, Hon. Editorial Board Member-Consulting Editor of Journal of Engineering Technological Research ISSN: 2229-9262. Editorial board member of Social Sciences: Science Publishing Group. Editor in Journal of Research in Physics and Applied Sciences.

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