Biotechnology - I (Sem 1, BSc Bengaluru City Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5693-619-5

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2023

No. Of Pages : 228

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About The Book

This book is well suited for students of B.Sc (Biotechnology) first semester NEP batch. It will also be useful reference when preparing for various competitive exams like JNU, CSIR NET etc. This book can also be referred by students who deal with cell biology and genetics in both theory and practicals.

The organization of the various numbers in the pages that follow is based upon roughly four different physical axes rather than biological context. The complete book is divided into four broad chapters, where the first two deals with cell biology and the last two of Genetics.

The first unit provides a narrative introduction to history and scope of biotechnology along with structure and functions of cell and its organelles. This is followed by Unit 2, which elaborates on the comprehensive understanding of structure and significance of chromosomes in cell division and other regulatory pathways. Following is unit 3, wherein we elaborated on Mendel's laws and gene interaction. The last unit 4 deals with linkage and crossing over mechanisms along with the detailed study of human chromosomal aberrations.


Contents -

1. Historical Perspectives, Development and Scope of Biotechnology
2. Cell Theory
3. Plasma Membrane – Structure and Functions
4. Cells and Its Organelles
5. Cytoskeleton
6. Chromosomes
7. Giant Chromosomes: Lamp brush and Polytene
8. Cell Division
9. Abscission and Senescene
10. History of Genetics
11. Mendelian Theory: Laws of Inheritance
12. Gene Interaction
13. Maternal Inheritance
14. Linkage
15. Mutations
16. Chromosomal Variations
17. Sex Determination
18. Human Genetics
Lab Manual

About The Author

Dr. M. Bhushanam -
Associate Professor
Department of Zoology
Maharani Science College for Women, Bangalore

Prof. Sudhakar Malla -
Associate Professor
Department of Biotechnology
Indian Academy Degree College-Autonomous

Dr. Madhu Malleshappa -
Associate Professor
Department of Life Sciences
Garden City University

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