Global Bitcoin Trade Practices

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Year of Publication : 2024

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About The Book

In 'Global Bitcoin Trade Practices' by Dr. K. Prabhakar Rajkumar, embark on a journey through the complex world of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading. Discover the legal status of Bitcoin in 20 developed and 28 developing countries, explore how nations shape Cryptocurrency regulations, and gain profound insights into the nuances of Cryptocurrency investments. This comprehensive guide features chapters on Bitcoin trade practices globally, the diversity of Cryptocurrencies in different countries, legal frameworks in developed and developing nations, and the consistency of trade practices. Ideal for students, researchers, policymakers, and anyone keen on understanding Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading worldwide, this invaluable resource is your key to unlocking the global Crypto landscape.


Contents -

1. Bitcoin Trade Practices Globally
2. Different Countries Vs Different Cryptocurrencies
3. Legal Stattus of Bitcoin Trade Practices in Developed and Developing Countries
4. Bitcoin Trade Practices of Developed and Developing Countries
5. Developed Countries Bitcoin Trade Status
6. Consistency of Bitcoin Trade Practices in Developed Countries
7. End Note
8. References

About The Author

Dr. K. Prabhakar Rajkumar, a veritable academic powerhouse, has left an indelible mark in the realm of Commerce at Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu. With a distinguished portfolio boasting a Ph.D. and dual MBA degrees, he is a true master in Commerce, with specialisations in Finance (including Stock Market, Derivatives, and Options), Banking (with a focus on NABARD), and Scientific Marketing (encompassing Product Positioning and Subliminal Dimensions). His impressive tally of 202 research articles and internationally acclaimed books is a testament to his scholarly excellence, crowned with a treasure trove of awards acknowledging his monumental contributions to academia and research. Beyond his academic prowess, Dr. K.P. Rajkumars role as a mentor has been transformative, guiding innumerable students along their academic and professional journeys. His accomplishments extend to the successful completion of Funded Research Project, Consultancy and Students’ Funded Projects, as well as the acquisition of 10 copyrights and 2 patents, underlining his innovative spirit. Notably, his unwavering commitment to education shines through his role as a dedicated Full-time In-Charge Finance Officer, a role he fulfils with unbridled passion. This dedication has recently culminated in his prestigious recognition with the Indian Institute of Finance Research Professor Award, signifying his exceptional dedication to advancing education and bridging financial gaps. Dr. K. Prabhakar Rajkumar stands as an extraordinary force, a beacon of inspiration in the world of academia and research, guiding us towards new horizons of knowledge and discovery.

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