The Complete Book of English Grammar

ISBN Number : 978-93-5262-695-3

Student Price : Rs.325

Student Dollar Price : 13$

Library Price : Rs.675

Library Dollar Price : 27$

Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 274

Book Weight :318

About The Book

Objectives of The book are:

1) The position of each word in the sentence will be fixed in the minds of the students. This increases accuracy of writing sentences which is an important requirement of communication at whatever level it is required.

2) The study of patterns of English sentences through diagramming method will cross Benjamin Bloom`s comprehension level and reach unto synthesis level unlike the present `Table Method`.

3) The most important of all is, diagramming makes students interested in pleasing patterns of various sentence structures forming and seeing them formed, by their own efforts. Hence it has the lasting value in learning.


Contents :

1. Know Your Nouns
2. Know Your Verbs
3. Know How to Use Pronouns
4. Know How To Use Verbs Properly
5. Know How To Use Adjective Modifiers
6. Know How To Use Adverb Modifiers
7. Know How To Use Preposition, Independent Element and Conjunctions
8. Fragments and Run-on, Formal and Informal Sentence
9. Diagramming Simple, Compound, Complex and Compound - Complex Sentence
10. Epilogue

About The Author

Mr. M.A. Sampson was toying with the idea of bringing out a book on teaching tense tree. This had to wait becoming a reality. Until after he himself learned CorelDraw to prepare tense tree to his satisfaction. A degree holder from three different universities, even now, he is as enthusiastic to learn and teach English as he was yearly ago.

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