Cloud Computing for Beginners

ISBN Number : 978-93-5840-631-3

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2024

No. Of Pages : 94

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About The Book

The book is specially designed for students and beginners who are interested to learn cloud computing fundamentals. This book has been divided into ten chapters. Below are the major parts of the book described as follows. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the concept of cloud computing and the elements such as servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and virtualization technologies. It explores the role of data centers and how they are designed to support cloud computing services. Additionally, it covers the concept of resource pooling, where multiple customers share computing resources in a multi-tenant environment. The book explores the major cloud service providers in the industry. We examine the leading providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and IBM Cloud, among others. For each provider, we discuss their history, global infrastructure, range of services offered, and notable customers. We also highlight any unique features or strengths that differentiate them from competitors including security and governance challenges. The book talks more on the details of the cloud management platforms and their role in efficiently managing and controlling cloud resources. The book also talks about the wide range of cloud services available to organizations. We discuss Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, explaining their characteristics, benefits, and use cases. We discuss the shared responsibility model, which outlines the security responsibilities of both cloud service providers and cloud customers. We explore the different layers of security in the cloud, including physical security, network security, and data security. Additionally, we highlight the key security challenges and considerations specific to cloud environments. This book describes latest trends in cloud computing and how they are aimed at improving performance, reducing latency, optimizing network bandwidth, enhancing data privacy, and enabling real-time processing at the edge of the network. They are particularly relevant in scenarios like real-time data processing, low-latency response etc. We are sure, this book will work as an eye opener for the new learners who are struggling to learn cloud computing. This book has made it easier to refer and learn the concepts and basics of cloud fundamentals. We are sure the book will also help who want to pursue their career in Cloud Computing. Wishing each and every reader of this book the very best and hope they come out with flying colors in their future endeavours.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
2. Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture
3. Cloud Service Providers
4. Cloud Security and Privacy
5. Cloud Networking and Storage
6. Cloud Deployment Models
7. Cloud Orchestration and Automation
8. Cloud Application Development
9. Cloud Performance Optimization
10. Future Trends in Cloud Computing

About The Author

Mrs. Rajasmita Panda is a dedicated and experienced educator with a passion for teaching and guiding students. She has been serving various colleges under SPPU, Pune for 15 years. Currently, she is working as an Assistant Professor at Sri Balaji University, Pune, where she shares her deep insights into the current education system and industry demand skills with her students. Mrs. Panda strongly believes in the collaboration between industry and academia to build market-relevant IT skills among the youth. Apart from her teaching responsibilities, Mrs. Rajasmita Panda is also actively involved in research. She has published various research papers in reputed international and national journals and has presented her work in conferences and symposia. Her valuable contributions to research and society are highly appreciated, and she continues to strive for excellence in her academic pursuits. Mrs. Pandas dedication to teaching, her passion for guiding young minds, and her valuable contributions to research and society make her a respected and admired educator. She is committed to making a positive impact in the field of education and preparing students to succeed in the dynamic world of IT by fostering industry-academia collaboration and promoting market-relevant skills.

Dr. Sirshananda Panda is a business leader with a diverse background in IT, consulting, and entrepreneurship. With over two decades of experience in multinational companies across the globe, Sirshananda has delivered flagship projects in the telecom, healthcare, and retail sectors. He is known for his compassionate leadership style and entrepreneurial mindset. In addition to his work in the corporate world, Sirshananda is also associated with various educational institutions and business organizations, where he aims to disseminate his knowledge and bridge the skill gap between academia, industry, and society. He is particularly interested in exploring opportunities & employment in the education, healthcare, and agriculture industries, with a focus on sustainable living practices. Sirshananda has a strong research background and has published numerous articles of national and international reputed journals in areas such as customer relationship management (CRM), cloud computing, and analytics. He is also passionate about traveling and conducting research in his areas of expertise. Overall, Sirshananda is a dedicated and accomplished business leader who is committed to making a positive social impact with sustainable lifestyle. He completed his Ph.D. effective from 25th Sept 2023 under SPPU, Pune.

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