Breaking Point

ISBN Number : 978-93-5840-371-8

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2024

No. Of Pages : 148

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About The Book

Prepare to embark on a harrowing and transformative journey with renowned psychologist, Sonal Sonawani, as she unravels the chilling mysteries of toxic relationships in her groundbreaking book, "Breaking Point." Through the profound exploration of seven real-life cases under her expert care as a therapist, Sonawani delves into the darkest corners of abuse, infidelity, saviour complexes, eternal singlehood, insecurities, and the twisted descent from unrequited love to stalking, all while introducing an enthralling theory of psychic interactions.

In "Breaking Point," you'll venture into the intricate web of emotional entanglement that binds us to our tormentors. Through this book, you'll discover how toxic relationships can reach far beyond the physical realm, leaving scars on the very essence of your being. This gripping odyssey is your roadmap to survival, recovery, and the reclamation of your true self. "Breaking Point" is a beacon of hope for anyone ensnared in the toxic dance of love gone wrong. Through Sonal Sonawani's expertise and the haunting tales of seven brave souls, you'll learn how to break free, heal your heart, and emerge from the shadows into the radiant light of self-discovery and profound transformation. Don't just survive toxic relationships; evolve beyond them with the wisdom found within these pages.


Contents -

1. The Biggest Question: Why do we Love the Wrong People
2. The Theory of Psychic Interactions
3. What I Feel is What You are Feeling
4. Predictors, Patterns and the Emotion Roommate
5. Abuse Begets Abuse
6. Emotional Abuse
7. Recreating Yourself to Recreate Your Partner
8. When Two People Bond Over Trauma
9. Insecurities and Emotionally Unavailable Partners
10. Breaking Free from Saviour Complex
11. Transcending Unhealthy Patterns from the Past
12. Navigating Comfort Zones, Moral Dilemmas and Relationship Patterns
13. Decoding the Mystery of Repeated Infidelity
14. Unravelling the Web of Unrequited Love
15. Mental Health Pandemic: Navigating Depression, Anxiety and Relationships

About The Author

Sonal Sonawani is a renowned Psychologist and Therapist, practicing for the last 12 years in Pune and Mumbai. She is the founder of CEDAR (Center for Depression Anxiety Relationships) and an International Affiliate with the American Psychological Association. She’s also the recipient of Indian Achievers Award.

Sonal has devoted her life to healing people from trauma, depression, and complex relationship dynamics and has worked with over 10,000 clients internationally. To bring her work to a larger scale, she has ceaselessly written and spoken on various national and international platforms about mental health and relationships.

Sonal is based in Mumbai and hails from Pune, India; has completed a Masters degree in Psychology holding top university rank from Fergusson college. She has also studied Couples Therapy from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and The Gottman Institute, US.

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