Dance and Fitness

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Year of Publication : 2024

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About The Book

This book deals with the concept of dance and fitness in an interdependent and comprehensive manner that would help dancers, dance trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to understand various fitness concepts for enhancing dance performances and maintaining health fitness. Professional dancers and dance trainers will gain extensive and appropriate knowledge about all those fitness elements, both the physical and neuro-motor and understand the most scientific methods to enhance and maintain them for achieving the required level of expertise in dance by the professional dancers. This book also helps the non-professional and recreational dancers to scientifically monitor their fitness levels which would help them to maintain the anticipated health fitness. The book dealt with the concepts of dance kinesiology including how the sports training methods are successfully integrated into the dance fitness training to enhance the professional dancer's performances. An excellent description was made in the book about the relationship between fitness and dance performances and also the relationship between the dance practice and the health fitness of the individuals. Hence, this book serves not only professional dancers but also the general physical fitness enthusiasts who try dance as a medium of fitness enhancement tool in their pursuit of health fitness. More extensively, dance trainers are highly benefitted through this book as they can enhance their scientific knowledge on various concepts of professional dance training.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Dance and Dance Fitness for Health
2. Elements of Dance
3. Interactive Fitness Domains for Dance and Fitness
4. Other Interactive Fitness Domains for Dance and Fitness
5. Social, Environmental, Economic, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual and Other Fitness Domains for Dance and Fitness
6. Development, Optimisation and Maintenance of General Physical Fitness Factors for Dance and Fitness
7. Development, Optimization and Maintenance of Neuromuscular or Motor Fitness Components for Dance and Fitness
8. Psychological Training and Preparation of Dancers and Dance Practitioners
9. Dance Injuries and Prevention
10. Note on Comprehensive Dance Training

About The Author

Dr. Venkata Rajasekhar Kali, Ph.D. (Dr. Kali) has 30 years of experience in teaching and research in the fields of Sports Science, Wellness, and Health. At present, working as Director of Sports Sciences, with the University of Hyderabad, India. Worked as an associate professor in a professional physical education college in India for ten years. A member of the European College of Sports Science, and an academic member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research of Athens, Greece. Acting review board member for Athens Journal of Sports, International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society of Common Ground Research Forum of Illinois University, U.S.A. Chief editor for the International Journal of Wellness and Lifestyle Management. Authored a book “Wellness Management: A Lifestyle Approach for Health, Fitness, and Energy” which is first of its kind effort in India. To his credit, there are several keynote speeches at National and International Sports Science Conferences both in India and abroad. Conducted innumerable workshops on Wellness management and fitness for corporates, students, teachers, and several types of professional people. Research interest lies in advances in sports sciences like Sports genetics, Sports Nutrition, Exercise endocrinology, Exercise Medicine, Exercise metabolism, physical activity and health, Yoga and health.

Dr. Mallesh Edugani, Ph.D., has a decade of research, teaching, and training experience in dance and fitness matters. A software engineer and a natural dancer. Apart from postgraduation in Computer Studies, he also obtained a master’s degree in folk dance from the University of Hyderabad and also obtained Ph.D. from the Department of Dance of the University of Hyderabad in dance and fitness studies. An enthusiastic dance trainer, who currently works with a reputed International School in Hyderabad as a dance teacher. A versatile dancer of not only folk dance but also Bollywood dance and Zumba styles. A proficient teacher and choreographer of various forms of dances including Indian folk dances like Veeranatyam, Lambadi, Koya, etc. Additions like a Diploma in Yoga and a Bachelor of Physical Education enhanced his understanding of human dynamics concerning dance. His extensive experience in teaching varied dance forms for over a decade helped him to widen his creative and analytical skills in identifying the dance dynamics immensely, which helped to enhance the horizons of the book very scientifically. His well-aligned knowledge on dance and fitness enhanced the books quality, especially in dance fitness training and injury prevention.

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